10 Items That Guarantee You Can Make Any Christmas Craft

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas crafts. If you are like most DIY crafters, you have been thinking about Christmas craft ideas all year. It’s finally time for projects like DIY decorations and homemade craft gifts!

If you are looking to take your Christmas crafts to the next level, you might want to consider tools like the MAKERX two-piece rotary tool and wood/metal crafter combo. These crafting tools can add a lot of versatility to your craft toolkit and the battery-powered MAKERX Hub will allow you to take these tools anywhere you need to work.

Beyond having the right tools for DIY Christmas crafts, you also want to make sure you have the right craft supplies. In this post, we are going to cover some of the must-have supplies for working on Christmas craft projects.

these ten items will guarantee you can make any christmas crafts poster


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Gift Tags

Gift tags are essential for DIY craft Christmas gifts. They offer a simple way to personalize any craft item for the intended gift recipient, and you can use your crafting skills to make the tags unique for each person. If you are looking for Christmas crafts for kids, personalized gift tags can be one of the best projects to work on with your children.

Pine Branches

As one of the most recognizable symbols of the season, crafting with pine branches is a Christmas tradition for many DIYers. Making your own evergreen wreath is an obvious choice if you are looking to use pine branches, but that is just one of the many Christmas craft ideas that uses them. 

Christmas Lights

For some Christmas crafters, it is all about projects that involve lights. Of course, you might put them on your Christmas tree or decorate the home with strings of lights. They can also be used to make small Christmas tree decorations that can light up. One idea for easy crafts that use lights is to make a small Christmas tree out of wire and use the lights to light up the decoration. You could even buy smaller pre-made decorations and then add the lights as a craft project.

Poinsettia Plants

The poinsettia flower is another classic symbol of the Christmas season. The flowers or the plant could be the perfect finishing touch for a number of Christmas crafts. Poinsettias are also a popular element for making a centerpiece to set on the Christmas dinner table.

Gold Bells

Opulent gold bells can be useful for a range of crafts. You can make tree decorations or items to hang around the home. With the right tools and supplies, you can create your own jingle bells decorations to help get people in the spirit of the season. Even just placed in different areas around the house, they will add a twinkle to everyday decor.

Acrylic Craft Paint

You might have a range of easy craft projects that need coloring. Acrylics offer the perfect solution for Christmas crafts because they are easy to apply and they work well on a range of surfaces and materials. If you are painting Christmas crafts, make sure to have plenty of red and green to match the colors of the season.


Pinecone crafts are another common part of Christmas DIY projects. They can be nice for adding to an evergreen wreath and they can also be used to make Christmas tree decorations. There is also a range of easy Christmas crafts that use pinecones, so this is another idea for projects you can do with your kids. 

Sequin Christmas Baubles

Sequin Christmas baubles can offer a lot of versatility to your craft projects this year. They can be painted and customized in a number of ways, they can be added to a range of craft projects, and they can be used to make your own DIY Christmas tree decorations.

Silver Bells

If you’re looking to decorate or make some Christmas crafts that are a little more low key, silver bells might be just the ticket. They can be nice for adding to an evergreen wreath and they can also be used to make Christmas tree decorations. Leave some out on Christmas morning to give the impression Santa left them behind!

Wooden Ornaments

Wooden Christmas ornaments have a charm to them that can make them more attractive than many of the plastic or glass options. You can also customize wood ornaments with things like paint, ribbons and other craft supplies. If you are really handy and you have the tools, you could even make your own wood ornaments.

Along with this list, make sure to get the right crafting tools. Consider things like a rotary tool, a hot glue gun, the MAKERX 20V mini heat gun, some nice scissors and more. With the right tools and these Christmas craft supplies, the possibilities are almost endless.