Happy National Battery Day!

By Brett La Frombois

Yup, it’s a real holiday.

Did you get your favorite battery-powered tool a card? You should, because rechargeable batteries are pretty great. Cords are inconvenient, and gas-power is expensive, messy, and not exactly environmentally friendly. Rechargeable batteries have changed the game. It’s 2020, time for everything to be rechargeable and battery-powered.

Cut the Gas, Then Cut the Grass

Lawn care is much more enjoyable, and efficient, with rechargeable batteries. Let’s start with the big daddy of them all, the lawnmower. You don’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors anymore, battery-powered mowers are much quieter. And they won’t fill up the whole block with the smell of gasoline. But the best part? Worx makes 40V mowers, with double the power, so you get just as much runtime and performance as gas, without all the hassle. Oh, and the second-best part, you don’t have to yank on a cord when you’re starting up a battery-powered mower. Maybe that’s the best part.

Seriously, Stop Filling Up

There’s nothing worse than putting on your lawn-cutting shoes, grabbing your headphones, cueing up some tunes or a podcast, getting ready to start the mower and realizing you need gas. Or getting most of the lawn cut and running out of gas with a few passes left. Ugh. So you drive to the gas station, spill half a gallon trying to fill the gas can, and you’ve just added 45 minutes, maybe an hour to this chore. Not to mention storing the gas (that can be dangerous), having to mix gas and oil for your other gas-powered tools, and the extra time and money you spend maintaining and cleaning gas-powered tools. It’s so much easier to just grab a battery or two off the charger. 

Free Range Tools

Operating power edgers and trimmers is an entirely different experience when you’re not tethered to an outlet by a cord. You’re free to roam when all you have to do is pop on a battery. Shrub trimming, for instance, is a smoother, tangle-free experience when you don’t have a cord to contend with. 

Batteries Build Your Tool Collection

Those batteries can be shared with other tools, too! The Worx 20V & 40V PowerShare™ platform is an enormous line of power and garden tools that all run on the same batteries. It’s a great way to build out a robust and cost-effective tool collection. 

More Power, More Hours

PowerShare batteries come in 2.0, 4.0, even 6.0 amp-hour varieties. 4.0Ah batteries offer double the runtime of a standard 2.0Ah battery, and 6.0Ah offers triple the runtime. Stronger, longer-lasting batteries really bring home the advantages of eliminating gas from your toolshed. More runtime especially helps if you’ve got a bit of a larger yard and require less battery swapping.

Rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective than gas and provide much more mobility than corded electric tools. Plus, they’re cleaner, way less of a hassle, easier to use and maintain, long-lasting, and with just as much or more power. That’s why we’ve been embracing rechargeable battery technology for years. And it must be why batteries got their own holiday. Have a good National Battery Day, everybody. Now get out there and get to work!

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