5 Tips To Keep Your Landscape Looking Great This Winter

by Mark Wolfe

As winter approaches, the landscape enters a self-guided cruise control mode. Cleaning up a few stray leaves and battening the hatches for impending winter storms are all that remain to be prepared for a peaceful hibernation over the next few months. Or, if you want to take it a step further, there are a few things you can do to get a jump start on spring while ensuring that your landscape looks great this winter.


Redefine Natural Edges

Garden borders and planting beds with natural edges tend to melt over time. Lawn grasses creep into mulched areas and occasional foot traffic smashes the outer rim. Take time during the slower months to redefine those edges with a border spade or bed edger and give your yard a tidy, crisp look. (try the WORX electric edger)

Add New Mulch

When you see those nice clean edges, it will be hard to resist adding a fresh layer of mulch. More than just an attractive detail, maintaining a consistent two to three-inch layer of mulch in landscape beds throughout the year significantly reduces weed encroachment, insulates against temperature fluctuations, and conserves soil moisture.


Cleanup Fallen Leaves

There are lots of great ways to reuse fall leaves in the landscape, from mulch to soil conditioner or compost and more. Now is the time to finish shredding those piles you left in “out of the way” spots. Shredded leaves will not mat, and will decompose more quickly than those left intact. If you don’t have an immediate use for them, create a round bin out of fence wire to neatly house them until they are needed. (The WORX TRIVAC will do the trick)


Selective Pruning

Winter pruning can begin after the leaves have fallen. If you have neglected pruning over the past few months, you may wish to clean up some of the plants in your yard. Now is the time to cut back perennials that have gone dormant. In early winter, light pruning of shrubs (10% or less of the overall size) for the sake of tidiness is also in order. Save hard pruning of shrubs and trees for late winter or very early spring.


Remove Dead Or Dying Plants

There is a tendency among plant lovers to hold on past the bitter end. When that old shrub is in decline, there is no reason to leave it in place – it will just lead to heartache. Removing dead and dying plants gives the landscape a clean and simple look which leads to inspiration and a new beginning when the weather breaks.


With the holidays upon us, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. These early winter landscape tasks are an opportunity to catch a breath of fresh air while making your landscape look great. Take a little time out over the next few weeks to show your yard some love.

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