A Portable & Precise Mini Heat Gun

20V MAKERX Mini Heat Gun

Heat guns require a lot of movement. Whether you’re working your way around some shrink-wrap or stripping paint off a chair, it’s nice not having to be plugged into a wall while you do so. With the MAKERX Mini Heat Gun, you’re free to park that chair in the middle of the driveway, 60 feet from the nearest outlet, and get to work. Hot air guns can also be pretty blunt, and not great at directing the heat into small areas when you’re trying to dry glue or paint on your latest creation. With its precision nozzle and overall compact form-factor, this 20V heat gun excels at such tasks. And what’s more annoying than waiting on a heat gun to warm up when you’re ready to dry some paint? The MAKERX Mini Heat Gun reaches 500° F in seconds and stays there. We’re pretty proud of this little guy, and we think you’ll like him too, once you get to know him.

20V Heat Gun: The Power of a Plug-in Without Being Tethered to an Outlet

This mini heat gun and all MAKERX tools run on the Hub and its 20V Power Share battery. It’s the same rechargeable battery Worx uses to operate its power tools, so it has more than enough volts to make this a powerful, portable hot air gun. Even though it’s mighty, the Hub fits in your hand and you can take it anywhere, so you can create anywhere. And it’s flexible 4 ft. cord gives you the freedom to move all around your project. What’s more, you won’t trip on it, like you often do with crafting tools that plug into the wall. Yup, battery-powered heat guns are the way to go.

mother and daughter using mini heat gun for craft project

Micro-Ergonomic Design

Traditional hot air guns are enormous. Who wants to use a hairdryer to craft with? You can grab this mini heat gun like a marker and point it just where it needs to be. Or loosen your grip and use it like a flashlight if you’re making wide, sweeping movements, or are going to be holding it for a while. The tactile, comfortable rubber grip of this battery-powered heat gun gives you good control and is easy to use for long stretches.

Precision Nozzle

But wait, there’s more. The narrow nozzle on this 20V heat gun directs the hot air with even more accuracy. Point that 500° in one spot and away from others. It makes this hot air gun great for embossing papercrafts. Those intricate designs benefit from the extra dexterity you gain with this mini heat gun. And of course it’s perfect for spot-drying crafts, miniatures, costumes, really anything small that you have to dry. And it does just fine at drying larger projects too, like furniture. Just pull back a little. Plus, the built-in prop stand keeps the hot tip away from the project or your work surface, preventing costly damage, while affording you the luxury of quickly setting it down for a moment or two.

Let’s Talk About the Etsy Elephant in the Room

The explosion of the crafting, hobby, DIY, and maker scene has coincided with the advent of online marketplaces, so selling your creations is an avenue open to many more of us than ever before. A mini heat gun like this one allows prospective sellers and even seasoned pros a chance to add a level of professionalism that maybe wasn’t there before. Precision drying of paint and glue is a hallmark of fine crafting. And well-done shrink-wrapping is its own art-form. We’ve all bought products with a thin sheen of shrink-wrap that both protects and enhances the presentation of the item. That look is easier to pull off with a nimble battery-powered heat gun. And shrink-wrapping is essential for shipping. It’s also a nice touch when you’re gifting. MAKERX crafting tools help you make those extra touches that elevate a creation. Consider it a Pro Tip.  

The Size is Mini, the Reasons are Many

This mini heat gun is great for… electronics, insulating wires, vacuum forming, working with tinted windows or softening up old decals, bumper stickers, and labels to make them easier to remove, working with thermoplastic, getting air bubbles out of resin, removing flooring, loosening rusty screws and nuts, waxing clothing & bags to make them waterproof, thawing frozen pipes and door locks, aging wood, drying wood, removing old wallpaper, restoring foggy headlights, or insulating windows. You may be using the MAKERX battery-powered heat gun for crafting, but everyone in the house will find uses for it, too.

Some mini heat guns use a lighter to start up. Open flames in many situations are extremely dangerous. Don’t use a hot air gun that requires a disposable lighter. Use a battery-powered heat gun or an electric. Of course, if you go electric, you’ll have to snake a cord through the kitchen, out the porch door, or to wherever you’re working. That’s a primary reason we designed this 20V heat gun and the entire MAKERX platform around the portable Hub power system. One gripe we heard over and over when researching new crafting tools was a lack of mobility. Sure, if your shop is set up just so, you have your outlets nearby and nothing is more than a few feet away, then corded tools make sense for you. But if you want to craft or hobby anywhere else, or work on projects that require more space or have a step that needs to be done outside, being able to pick up the Hub and your hot air gun and go is awfully nice.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Portable and precise mini hot air guns seem like the way to go, no? Especially if they heat up quicker, are comfortable to use, and are part of a whole crafting tool system that you can build out as you and your crafting skills grow. A whole crafting system that retains a micro-ergonomic design in every tool, so you can make finer movements and add more detail. This 20V heat gun was built from the ground up based on feedback from the maker community. Every tradeshow, convention, and crafting exhibition taught us a little more about making mini heat guns until we were ready to release ours to the masses. Those old humungous hot air guns were drying paint all wrong, and were harder to use, the smaller the application was, so we were told. Crafting up at the cabin or at a friend’s place or just out in the yard sure would be nice, too bad most crafting power tools require an accessible outlet, they said. “I wish I could set down a hot gun for a sec and not have to wait for it to cool down.” We heard that one, too, so we built in a cradle. All the boxes are checked. What will you make next?

Learn more and check current pricing for the MAKERX Mini Heat Gun here: https://www.worx.com/20v-makerx-mini-heat-gun-wx743l-tool-only.html

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