Aerocart Snowplow Makes MSN’s “Best Products For Surviving Winter” List!

MSN’s Bob Vila has released his “50 Best Products For Surviving Winter” list, and the Aerocart’s snowplow attachment has made the list! 

Winter is officially upon us, with most of the US experiencing bitter temperatures and lots of snow! So just what do we need to help get us through to Spring? MSN’s Bob Vila has released his “50 Best Products For Surviving Winter List” to help us out, and the WORX Aerocart snowplow is one of the items!
The list had everything you could think of for cold weather days including ice scrapers, flannel sheets, smart thermostats, windshield covers, and even a Zippo hand warmer! The Aerocart snowplow attachment was the ONLY piece of equipment that made the recommended list to clear the snow from sidewalks and driveways in place of purchasing a snowblower!

“Shoveling snow is a tiring and labor-intensive job, but many homeowners aren’t willing to splurge on a snow blower or service. For a budget-friendly solution, consider buying the Worx Snow Plow, which attached to the Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow and transforms it into a snow plow.” 

You can see the entire list of 50 products by clicking here!


The Aerocart does more than just help during the Winter months. Take a look at some of the other ways it can help you with all of your lawn and garden needs as well!


Find out more about the Aerocart and all it can do below, and to learn how to bring one home click here!