Basic Woodworking Tools You Need for Any Project

Learning woodworking and carpentry basics can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You get a chance to learn skills that can be used to build and repair things around the house. Along with that, woodworking can offer the opportunity to express your creative side as you work on different projects.

Before you work on learning these carpentry basics and  skills, you will need to start building your woodworking tool kit. Depending on the type of work you intend to do, there could be several tools you may need. However, there are some basic tools for woodworking that should be in every toolbox.

In this post, we are going to look at basic woodworking tools. This list can be good for building your tool kit when you are getting started or it can be useful if you are looking for woodworking gifts to buy the woodworker in your life. Popular tools for woodworking include hand tools, a circular saw, cordless drill, jigsaw, and power sander.

Woodworking Hand Tools are a Carpentry Basic

Start building your DIY carpentry tool kit with woodworking hand tools. The basic woodworking tool kit is going to include a set of screwdrivers, a claw hammer, chisels, a combination square, hand saws, a level, and a tape measure. After that, you can round out your woodworking tools list with items like planes, mallets, and files.

Invest in a Circular Saw

A circular saw should be in every beginner’s woodworking tool kit. It’s great for making rough dimensional cuts and it can also be one of your best tools for DIY carpentry. With the right blades, you can make crosscuts and rip wood. Along with that, changing the blade will allow you to cut other materials, so it is more than just a saw for cutting wood.

You also have different sizes of circular saws. With a model like the 4-1/2” WORXSAW compact circular saw, you can make a wide range of cuts with a tool that is smaller and easier to handle. It can work well for light DIY carpentry work and it can also be the ideal saw for a variety of woodworking projects.

A Cordless Drill Should Be on Every Woodworking Tools List 

A cordless drill should be near the top of your woodworking tools list. This is something you will find yourself using frequently on your woodworking and DIY carpentry projects. You will obviously use it to drill holes in wood, but it can also make it easier to drive fasteners. You just need to get a good drill and a set of drill bits to go with it.

Add a Jigsaw to Your DIY Carpentry Kit

A cordless jigsaw can be a great addition to any woodworking tool kit. You can operate a jigsaw with one hand, so it is easy to handle. They are good for cutting curves that could not be accomplished with other saws and they are also great for making cuts on the interior of a piece of wood. 

Choose a Sander Power Tool

As a woodworker or carpenter, you could find cause to have several sander power tools in your kit. However, if you are just getting started with carpentry basics, you should look for one tool that can handle many sanding tasks. For that reason, a multi-sander is the best option. With these tools, you can switch out the pads and change functions to use it as a finish sander, a random orbit sander, and for detail sanding.

An oscillating saw can be another tool that can work well in your tool kit. Beyond being a saw that can be useful for DIY carpentry and other projects, you can also get a sanding pad that can work for a number of sanding jobs. If you are working on building your woodworking tool kit, the 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool with Clip-in Wrench should be a good fit.

With these tools, you have the foundation of your woodworking tool kit. This includes everything you need for simple woodworking projects and to do some DIY carpentry around the house. As your skills develop, you can then start looking into moving beyond the more basic woodworking tools.

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Basic Woodworking Tools You Need for Any Project
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Basic Woodworking Tools You Need for Any Project
Popular tools for woodworking include hand tools, a circular saw, cordless drill, jigsaw, and power sander.
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