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Let’s talk for a minute about the differences between a Power Cleaner vs. a Pressure Washer, shall we? Pressure washers can be intimidating. They’re often big machines that require a standalone unit to provide enough force for industrial-strength cleaning jobs, often not ideal for a homeowner. The Worx Hydroshot is not a pressure washer. It’s a portable power cleaner, perfectly pressurized for common cleaning tasks like washing windows and window screens, grills, patio furniture, cars, boats and bicycles. Basically anything where using the good ol’ garden hose or handwashing would work, but takes a really long time and is really annoying to do so. The Hydroshot is lightweight and easy enough to carry and use that almost anyone in the family can pick one up and aim, shoot, and clean. We’ll go over each version of the Hydroshot power cleaners below. Some of the models are powerful enough that they can work as a pressure cleaner. (Again, that’s different than a full-blown pressure washer. Pressure cleaners are a step less intense.) So you can find the best power cleaner for your needs.

WG620 Hydroshot Power Cleaner

wg620 worx hydroshot power cleaner

20V Power Share 4.0Ah Portable Power Cleaner

320 PSI

0.53 GPM

Up to 5x more power than a garden hose

Just what is PSI & GPM and what do they tell us? PSI stands for Pressure per Square Inch and is a measure of how much force comes out of the nozzle. GPM is Gallons Per Minute and refers to the flow, or the amount of water that is coming out. PSI=force, GPM=volume. Together they paint a picture of how much and how strong you can expect a power cleaner’s output to be. The Worx Hydroshot in this slot is the base model and is a great place to start. It’s one of the best power cleaners for everyday cleaning tasks. It works as a pressure cleaner to get caked-on mud off of cars & trucks, but it’s a great alternative to a pressure washer because it won’t strip the paint off those cars & trucks. It’s the perfectly portable power cleaner, ideal for cleaning windows, both the panes and the screens, dirty camping equipment either up at the site or after the trip, boots, kayaks/canoes, and much, much more. We’re sure you’ll think of many ways to use it.

WG630 Hydroshot Plus Power Cleaner

wg630 worx hydroshot power cleaner

20V Power Share 4.0Ah Portable Power Cleaner w/ Brushless Motor

350 PSI

0.92 GPM 

Up to 6x more power than a garden hose

This is one of the two Worx Hydroshots equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor, giving it more kick but also smart battery-power management so that you get more run time on a single charge, making it one of the best power cleaners out there. Brushless motors are also designed to last longer than tools with a motor based on a brush design. So if you anticipate using your Hydroshot power cleaner a lot, this model, or the more powerful Hydroshot Ultra below, is the way to go. The 4.0Ah batteries that come with all the portable power cleaners on this list offer more performance and run time than the typical 2.0Ah batteries that generally come with battery-operated tools. So you can get more done around the house or property with this power cleaner without having to switch out a fresh battery or wait on a recharge. It’s also a great alternative to a pressure washer on account of its “Goldilocks” sweet spot of enough power to blast grime off the garage floor, fencing or sidewalks, but still not enough pressure to damage delicate surfaces. And its Eco mode makes the Hydroshot Plus one of the best power cleaners if you’re concerned about water usage. Just press the Eco button, and the GPM throttles down, so you don’t use more water than you need for tasks that don’t require that much flow.

WG644 Hydroshot Max Power Cleaner

wg644 worx hydroshot power cleaner

40V Power Share 4.0 Ah Portable Power Cleaner (2x20V)

450 PSI

0.90 GPM

Up to 7x more power than a garden hose

Twice the battery power of the previous models, perfect for large properties or if you have a lot of vehicles that you enjoy cleaning yourself. The 40V Worx Hydroshot Max is one of the best power cleaners because of the extended run time it offers over power cleaners that use just one battery at a time. Strong enough to work as a pressure cleaner, but still portable. All of these Hydroshots pull from any available freshwater source. You can hook it up to a hose and spigot, drop the included 20 ft. draw hose into a lake or marina, or take a bucket with you from task to task. And the bottle adapter (sold separately) lets you screw any regular 2L soda bottle to the Hydroshot so you can take your water anywhere, turning the Hydroshot into a truly portable power cleaner. (Wait until you’re done drinking the soda first. Don’t go spraying cola on windows or the boat. I know that sounds like a great April Fool’s joke, filling up Mom or Dad’s Hydroshot with clear soda so they think it’s water, but it’s not worth it. You’ll just have to use the Hydroshot again to clean it all up later.)

Hydroshots are a great alternative to a pressure washer because you don’t have to lug one of those separate power units around to use it. Just drop the hose in a bucket or a body of water, or screw on a bottle or the garden hose, and you’re good. Pure portability plus 2x the batteries = one of the best power cleaners on the market.

WG649 Hydroshot Ultra Power Cleaner

wg649 worx hydroshot power cleaner

40V Power Share 4.0Ah Portable Power Cleaner w/ Brushless Motor (2x20V)

725 PSI

1.10 GPM

Up 11x more power than a garden hose

This is the most powerful Hydroshot Worx makes, and 725 PSI isn’t anything to mess around with. This power cleaner even comes with a streamlined pump to handle the extra horsepower. You don’t need to be a firefighter to handle this Worx Hydroshot, but at up to 11x the power of a garden hose with a nozzle, you can blast mud out of machinery or off of SUV tires, or really show the grill who’s boss. It’s arguably the best power cleaner because it’s still just as portable as the rest of the Hydroshots (that extra pump is just connected to the hose and you’ll hardly know it’s there). And like the other Hydroshots, it features a variable spray control nozzle giving you an extra 4 settings of spray intensity. So even though the Ultra works as a pressure cleaner, you can widen or narrow the angle of the spray so this beast of a portable power cleaner can still be used for delicate tasks like watering the flowers, believe it or not. This model uses two Power Share batteries to give it 40V of run time and performance. And it uses one of those powerful brushless motors mentioned earlier for more reliability and more efficient battery usage. That all adds up to one of the best power cleaners available today. A wonderful alternative to a pressure washer in that it has the power to handle many of the tasks of those over-the-top machines, but in a much more portable, user-friendly design.

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Our Parting Shot

The best part about Worx gear in general is that it often takes arduous chores that most of us loathe, and through ergonomic design and cutting-edge functionality, turns them into tasks that hardly resemble chores at all. The Worx Hydroshot is sort of the ultimate example of that. Take windows, for instance. Who likes doing windows? No one. Even professional cleaning services won’t touch windows (unless you pay through the nose). Filthy windows after the winter are much less of a big deal to clean with these power cleaners. Hydroshots make the best power cleaners because they’re perfectly portable and perfectly placed between a pressure washer on the one end and a garden hose on the other. These power cleaners work as pressure cleaners, but are that ideal alternative to pressure washers and their industrial strength because they won’t damage your most valuable investments, namely your house and your vehicles. We referred to their power as Goldilocks-like earlier, in that it’s not too much, not too little, but just right. These are the best power cleaners because they’re just right for homeowners or boat & vehicle owners and their power cleaning needs.

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