The Best Way to Use Your Oscillating Tool for Grout Removal

Compared to other DIY home improvement projects, bathroom renovations offer a great value for your money. That said, a bathroom renovation can also be a lot of work, especially if you’ve decided to learn how to remove grout from tile.

For many DIYers, much of the time and effort that goes into their bathroom renovation project will be spent regrouting tiles. Depending on the size of the room, removing the old grout by hand can take the better part of a day. However, you can cut the time considerably by using an oscillating power tool to remove grout.

When wondering how to remove grout, working with an oscillating power tool is far better than using a grout removal tool like a grout rake. Oscillating tools are easy to handle, versatile, perfect for working into small spaces. That’s why using one is considered the best way to remove grout. In this post, you will learn why you should remove grout and how to remove grout from tile using your oscillating power tool.

Why Remove Grout?

Grout fills the gaps between tiles and it helps to hold them in place. While the tiles themselves may last a long time and resist staining, grout is more porous and likely to stain and wear down over time.

In many cases, you can clean the grout to make it look good as new, but if mold and mildew are left for too long, the grout can get stained and it will not come clean. If the grout is either old and deteriorated or stained, the only option to get the tile looking good again is to remove the old grout with an oscillating multi-tool or other piece of equipment and regrout the surface.

Beyond re-grouting the tiles, you will also want to apply a grout sealer. A sealer can help to protect the grout and prevent staining. It will also hold up better under the conditions of your bathroom. If the surface is properly sealed, cleaned regularly, and resealed when it is needed, the grout will last much longer.

What You Need to Remove Grit from Tile

One of the best ways to remove grout is with an oscillating power tool. This will make grout removal from tile much easier. Along with an oscillating tool, you will need a utility knife and a grout rake. If you do not have a grout rake, you can use a flathead screwdriver as a replacement for this grout removal tool. Additionally, you will also need carbide-grit segment saw blade for your oscillating multi-tool.

If you are looking for an oscillating power tool that can work well for grout removal and a wide range of other DIY jobs, the 20V Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool is a great option. The cordless design means you do not have to worry about running a cord and the 20V battery offers plenty of runtime for long projects. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, making it an ideal grout removal tool.

How to Remove Grout from Tile Using an Oscillating Multi-Tool

When you’re ready to use your grout removal tools, start by fitting the carbide-grit bit into the oscillating multi-tool. Once the tool is ready, turn it on and work the blade straight into the seam between two tiles. You do not want to use a lot of pressure when working the blade into a seam. The best way to remove grout from tile is to apply gentle pressure and let the tool do most of the work.

With most of the grout removed using that straight cut, you can now slowly angle the blade of your grout removal tool up and down to remove more of the grout from the seam. You just need to work slowly and be careful not to damage the edges of the tiles.

Once the seam is mostly clear, you can put down the oscillating tool and move to working with your grout rake or screwdriver. Just get the blade of the grout removal tool in there to scrape out any bits of material that would not come out with the power tool. If there is still some grout that refuses to come out with the screwdriver, you can then try using a utility knife to clean out the last remaining pieces of grout.

No matter what grout removal tools you use, the process will take some time and a lot of work. However, now that you know the best way to remove grout from tile, it’s clear that using the right tools can make a significant difference. If you are looking for the best way to remove grout quickly, an oscillating power tool is the right tool for the job.



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The Best Way to Use Your Oscillating Tool for Grout Removal
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The Best Way to Use Your Oscillating Tool for Grout Removal
Learn why you should remove grout and how to remove grout from tile using your oscillating power tool.
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