Carve Out Your Niche with This New Angle Grinder

20V MAKERX Angle Grinder from Worx

Angle grinders can be bulky and kind of intimidating. Traditional disc sanders are too big to do any complex carving or to sand projects full of grooves and valleys. At least that’s a complaint we heard from the maker and DIY communities when researching how to make our new MAKERX Angle Grinder. They said they wanted an angle grinder multi tool that was easier to rotate around a project, and one that you could control with just one hand when you’re doing detailed work. But they still wanted enough RPM to aggressively carve out shapes and to use as an angle cutter for thin sheet goods. So we made that tool.

Micro-Ergonomic Design

The first thing that strikes you about this tool is its size. With most disc sanders, you have to adopt a firm stance and brace yourself. But the MAKERX 20V Angle Grinder was intentionally engineered to be easier to steer. You just grip it with one hand—it’s a breeze to guide the tool around any project. By offloading the power onto the Hub, we were able to make this tool compact and lightweight. So you can carve shapes and designs and perform more detailed sanding that larger angle grinders can’t. Additionally, that slim profile makes it easier to get into tight spaces (like when you need to cut off a nail head in a hard to reach place), and it’s more comfortable to use. The tactile rubber coating means you don’t need to use a death claw grip to operate this tool. You can use this disc sander all day with less strain on your hands than other angle grinder multi tools.

person using angle grinder to cut tiles

Compact Brushless Motor

20V is a lot of juice for a cordless angle cutter. Most cordless angle grinders on the market offer less power. Combined with the uber-efficient brushless motor that runs this tool, you get more power, longer. So you can get more done before you have to switch out the battery or recharge the one you’re using. Disc sanders that feature a brushless motor also have a longer operational life, making this 20V angle grinder multi tool, along with all the MAKERX tools, a good investment.

Unique Wheel Orientation

The MAKERX Angle Grinder multi tool makes an excellent angle cutter, too, on account of its intuitive wheel alignment. The user is able to keep their hand in a much more natural position when cutting pipe. Most angle grinders and disc sanders have the wheel positioned off-axis of your forearm. It works great for sanding flat surfaces, but it’s not ideal for all the other wonderful things you can do with the MAKERX 20V Angle Grinder multi tool, like cutting pavers, tile and mortar, grinding rust and paint removal, polishing round surfaces and carving out intricate shapes.

Spins Faster Than Other Cordless Angle Grinders

The variable speed control on the Hub lets you turn it up all the way to 24,000 RPM. That’s faster than some much larger disc sanders, and the variable speeds give you the flexibility to tackle projects of all sorts. Just because it’s little doesn’t mean it’s slow. Combined with 20V of power and its highly-efficient brushless motor, pound for pound, this may be the most powerful angle grinder out there. The spark guard provides some protection when you’re taking advantage of all that speed. And the included accessories let you get going right out of the box. It comes with 3 wheels: cutting, grinding, flex (and a hex key), but it accepts all 2 in. blades having ¾ in. arbors, and 1 ½ in. blades having ¼ in. butterfly-style arbors. It even accepts Dremel® EZ-Lock™ wheels, so if you have an older angle cutter accessory kit from another brand, any of those accessories will fit the MAKERX Angle Grinder.

A few words about high vs. low RPM…

Faster is great, and an easy way to measure how powerful a tool really is, but variable speed control on power tools like angle grinder multi tools and disc sanders is essential. Just like if you were to walk into your basement workshop and tried to clean up all the sawdust with a full-size leaf blower on full-speed, if you take on some polishing jobs at full RPM, you’re just going to make a mess of things. Different speeds produce different finishes on different materials. Masters experiment for years to find what works best. So a sensitive variable speed control is key to an angle cutter’s usefulness and effectiveness. And that’s true of many power and crafting tools. Backing out a stripped screw isn’t possible at high RPM, for example. That’s why we spent so much time honing the sensitivity of the variable speed control on the MAKERX Hub. Both the MAKERX 20V Angle Grinder and 20V Rotary Tool take advantage of this fine motor control. So you can tackle more projects with more precision than other crafting tools on the market.

Easy to Maneuver, Easy to Love

Let’s be honest, if you’ve never used an angle grinder or disc sander it probably seems like it’s too much power and too aggressive for detailed work. And for many corded full-size versions, you’d be right. We set out to make an angle grinder multi tool that is safer and easier to use, so anyone at any level can pick it up and get stuff done. And experts will love the added mobility the sleek chassis provides for carving out contours and complicated designs. Yet, Worx engineers were still able to pack enough power into that skinny design to perform some pretty heavy-duty hobby and DIY jobs. 24,000 RPM is just right. Fast enough to cut through bolts, but the variable speed control lets you dial this disc sander way down for surface finishing, too. And the placement of the wheel, combined with the compact, cylindrical design of this tool, allows for more natural hand placement and arm motions when cutting and polishing. Yup, this lovely little MAKERX 20V Angle Grinder was crafted for hobbyists, DIY-ers, and makers of all sizes, ages, and abilities. And it’s just perfect for detailed work.

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