• Innovation to Creation WORX Ai Drill

    Innovation to Creation: The Making of the Ai Drill

    The Making of the Ai Drill The WORX culture is one of constantly pushing the envelope in a quest for innovations…

  • Hydroshot Innovation to Creation

    Innovation to Creation: The Making of the Hydroshot

    The Making the Hydroshot The team of engineers at WORX is filled with consumers just like you. Many of our…

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    Leaf Blasters: Two Powerful Options

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  • Hydroshot Bundle

    Hydroshot Value Bundle: A Clean-It-All Combo Kit

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  • Worx Switchdriver

    WORX Switchdriver: Double-Duty Drill Driver

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    10 Reasons to Check out the New WORX TURBINE FUSION

    by Kim Toscano Autumn has finally arrived. Gentlemen, start your engines. Your neighbor sets 24 bags of leaves on the…

  • WORX Landroid Robotic Mower

    Wall Street Journal Recomends WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower for “Easy Set Up”

    In the April 2016 article in the The Wall Street Journal, “Does a Robotic Lawn Mower Cut it?” the WORX Landroid…

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    WORX Mulcher Named to Men’s Health List of “99 Best Tools for Men”

    Men’s Health recognized the WORX 13.0 Electric Leaf Mulcher as one of the “99 Best Tools for Men.” The WORX…

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    WORX 56V Grass Trimmer & Edger: Out of the Box & Into the Yard