Curb Appeal Ideas to Freshen Up Your Ranch House

Whether you are planning to sell your ranch style home or you just want to improve the appearance, rest assured: You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a remodel project or undertake any major home improvements. With inspiration from some simple curb appeal ideas, you can make your home look better without having to break the bank.

From curb appeal landscaping to ideas that will improve the look of the structure, you have a wide range of options. The Hydroshot portable power cleaner is one tool that can do much of the work, helping you achieve your improved curb appeal on a budget. Let’s take a look at some further curb appeal ideas for ranch style homes. These include trimming your greenery, cleaning the exterior of your home and fences, edging your lawn, and watering plants.

Touch Up Your Shrubs and Trees

If you are looking to boost your home’s curb appeal on a budget, trimming your shrubs and trees provides a good value for your time and money.

With just some pruning shears and a battery powered or electric hedge trimmer, you can take your plants from looking rough and overgrown to attractive and well-shaped. You may need to put in some effort and use the right tools, but this is one curb appeal landscaping idea that can make a significant difference.

Clean Your Home Exterior

Most people don’t realize how dirty the exterior of their home is until they take the time to clean it. With a tool like the 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner, you can get your home exterior looking better than it has in years.

The powerful spray can easily remove dirt and grime from surfaces like siding, brick, and concrete. Additionally, the Hydroshot power cleaner features a portable, battery powered design, making it easy move as you clean different parts of your home’s exterior.

Edge Your Lawn

If you are the type of person that is concerned with curb appeal, chances are good that you already mow your lawn on a regular basis. However, edging is one way to make an already well-maintained lawn look even better.

Edging will make your lawn look neater and cleaner, and it is one of the curb appeal landscaping ideas that does not require a lot of time, effort, or money. You can edge your lawn using a standard string trimmer, but if you want the best results, consider choosing a weed trimmer that converts into an edger.

The GT Revolution 20v 12″ String Trimmer / Edger / Mini-mower not only does the job of a trimmer and edger, but can even be used as a lawn mower for smaller, grass trimming tasks. With a versatile tool like this, enhancing your home’s curb appeal on a budget becomes even easier.

Clean Your Fence

If you have a fence, it is going to have a very visible impact on the curb appeal of your ranch house. If your fence is old and dirty, for example, your home’s curb appeal is going to suffer.

This is another area in which you can use the Hydroshot power cleaner. With the adjustable nozzle, you’re able to get the right amount of pressure for any material. You can even use accessories like the cleaning brush attachment if you want to scrub while you apply water for an even more immaculate end result.

Mulch and Water Plants

Your plants can be one of the most attractive parts of your yard and contribute a lot of curb appeal for ranch houses. However, this is only the case if you take proper care of them.

Applying mulch can be a good way to protect your trees and shrubs from having to compete with other plants. It can also provide them with nutrients and is a good way to improve the appearance of the area around plants and shrubs. Once you have your mulch arranged, you can use your Hydroshot portable power cleaner to water your plants as a simple way of keeping up your curb appeal landscaping.

Working on curb appeal landscaping is a great way to make your home look good while also adding value to the property. With these easy curb appeal ideas for ranch-style homes, any person can achieve a better-looking home.

You just need to invest the time and in the right tools. Along with the Hydroshot portable power cleaner, look for a range of tools that can help any homeowner improve curb appeal, from hedge trimmers to weed wackers.


Make sure you’re choosing the right tools to help you achieve your curb appeal landscaping goals. Start with the most versatile one, and shop for your HydroShot portable power cleaner today!  


Curb Appeal Ideas to Freshen Up Your Ranch House
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Curb Appeal Ideas to Freshen Up Your Ranch House
Trimming your greenery, cleaning the exterior of your home and fences, edging your lawn, and watering plants.
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