Our Favorite Fall Yard Care Tips

With fall here, your busy yard care schedule is about to get lighter. With that said, you don’t want to make the mistake of thinking all your work is done. You have plenty of fall home projects that are important for making sure your lawn and garden are ready for the cold winter. 

When you take on these backyard projects before the end of fall, you not only protect your plants and lawn, but you also set things up for a stronger lawn and garden next spring. In this post, we are going to look at some of our favorite fall yard care tips to help you get ready for winter. These backyard projects for fall include seeding, aerating, and weeding your lawn, mulching leaves, applying fall fertilizer, and cutting your grass lower. 

Seeding Your Lawn is an Easy Fall Home Project

One of the best fall yard ideas is to fill in any bare patches in your lawn. Walk around your lawn and look for any spots that look like they are damaged or dying. If the issue is relatively minor, you might be able to fix it quickly by spreading some grass seed in the area. 

If you have significant problems or find an area that has not responded to seeding in the past, you might want to consider applying a lawn repair mixture. These mixtures contain grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. When used the right way, they can offer an effective way to address bare patches in your lawn.

Backyard Projects Include Mulching Your Leaves

Raking leaves is one obvious part of fall yard care. Another one of the top fall outdoor ideas is to mulch your leaves instead of raking them into bags. Leaf mulch can be a valuable fertilizer for your lawn or garden and even offer benefits for natural weed control

With a tool like the TRIVAC 12-Amp Electric 3-IN-1 Blower/Mulcher/Yard Vacuum, you can make fall yard tasks like leaf collection and mulching easier. This leaf blower makes it simple to switch from collecting leaves to mulching and offers a 16:1 ratio for mulching leaves. It also has a detachable collection bag to make it easier to collect the leaves as you mulch.

Apply Fall Fertilizer

Applying a late fall fertilizer will be a good idea for helping your lawn and garden make it through the winter. After all of the growth during summer, the soil can be depleted. Plants need nutrients to help them make it through the colder months. 

When you are working on this fall garden idea, make sure to get your entire lawn and to apply fertilizer to your garden beds. To ensure you get an even distribution of fertilizer on your lawn, consider using a broadcast spreader to complete this fall yard care tip.

Aerate Your Lawn for a Healthy Fall Yard

Fall can also be the perfect time to aerate your lawn. By aerating during fall, you make it easier for water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach the roots of your lawn. This backyard project will help to ensure that the grass stays healthy through winter and that it is strong and ready for a good growing season next spring.

You have several options for aerating your lawn. You can choose between spike aerators and core aerators. If you want to take some of the work out of lawn aeration, consider getting a walk-behind aerator. 

You could also consider using the lightweight 12 Amp 14” Electric Dethatcher. This adjustable tool features a collection bag so you can easily remove dead grass, stems, roots, and other yard debris after trimming. Plus, it helps to loosen top soil, allowing nutrients to reach your plants even during the colder months.

Fall Yard Care Includes Weed Control

Weed control is one of the most important backyard projects for fall. Just like your lawn and the other plants you want to keep healthy, weeds are trying to absorb as much energy and nutrients as they can before winter. If they are not taken care of early in the season, they could take valuable nutrients from your lawn or garden.

When it comes to weeding, you’ll likely need to apply various methods to different weeds. Pulling a weed up should be one of the first solutions you try, but if you can’t pull up the roots, try using a herbicide. If all else fails, cut the weed down with your electric weed wacker

Cut Your Grass Lower

The growth might slow a little in the fall, but you still need to keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing. Toward the end of the season, you should even consider mowing it a little lower than you do during the summer. Over the last 2-3 mowings of the season, drop the height lower each time you mow. This fall yard task will remove more of the leaf and allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.

The 40V Cordless 17″ Lawn Mower w/ Mulching can be great for your fall yard care. As an electric mower, it is easy to maintain, and the battery-powered design means you are not limited by a cord. It also has height settings that range from 1.5”-3.5”, so it can easily switch from the higher summer height to a lower height in late fall.

Backyard projects can have a significant impact on your yard year round. These fall yard care tips are a great way to ensure your lawn and garden stay healthy through the winter, so you can have impressive results when spring arrives.

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Our Favorite Fall Yard Care Tips
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Our Favorite Fall Yard Care Tips
These backyard projects for fall include seeding, aerating, and weeding your lawn, mulching leaves, applying fall fertilizer, and cutting your grass lower.
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