Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready

The holidays are coming, and for many of us, that means guests will soon be arriving. Whether it is people coming over for a few hours or family members who may need to stay a few nights, you want to make sure your house is ready.

While decorations might be a part of the preparations, there are a number of home improvement ideas that can ensure your holiday season is a success. In this post, we are going to look at some tips for the holidays that can help you make sure your house is in good order and ready to impress when the guests arrive. Getting ready for the holidays includes refinishing your entry door, checking your plumbing and windows, repainting, and replacing cabinet hardware.

Getting Ready for the Holidays By Refinishing Your Entry Door

Your front door is going to make the first impression when your guests arrive, so you should try to have it looking as good as possible. By putting a new finish on the door, you can have your entryway looking it’s best this holiday season. With some finishing supplies and a couple of sawhorses, your front door will look good as new with this quick and easy DIY project.

With the Sandeck 5-in-1 Multi-Sander, you can make the work even easier. It can go from working as a random orbit sander to a finish sander, plus it even has attachments for detail sanding. When you are taking the old door finish off, this multi-sander can do much of the work and save time. 

Inspect Your Plumbing

If you are expecting guests, one of the best tips for the holidays is to make sure all of your drains are in good shape. You don’t want a toilet to get backed up with all of those extra people in the house, and you don’t want your kitchen sink to get clogged when you are cooking your holiday dinner for the family. Check to make sure all of your drains are in good working order before your holiday guests arrive. 

Tips for the Holidays Include Fixing Windows

Window maintenance is another part of getting ready for the holidays. To start, you should check to make sure all of your windows close and open properly. Beyond that, you should also fix your drafty windows to make sure your home will be comfortable for your guests.

Cleaning your windows will also make your house look better for your guests. If you have time on a day that is not too cold, you could clean your windows quickly using the 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner

Paint Before Guests Arrive

If you have some rooms that are in need of a new coat of paint, getting ready for holiday guests is the perfect time to get this project done. A fresh coat of paint could be the perfect touch to get your dining room ready for that big holiday dinner. For guests that might be staying over, new paint could be a smart step toward getting your guest room ready for their arrival. You might also want to consider painting your kitchen so it looks pristine for the holidays.

Replace Tired Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen is the main hub for many family gatherings during the holidays. If you want to make sure it looks good for your guests, new paint is one way to go, but there are more tips for the holidays you could consider. Another quick and easy DIY idea is to replace the hardware on your cabinets. Go pick out some new hardware at your local home improvement store and then use your cordless electric screwdriver to replace the old hardware.

Getting ready for the holidays can be hectic. You are busy with all of the shopping and you want to ensure your house is prepared for when people come to visit. With a few of the simple tips we listed here, you can have your house looking its best and ready to handle all of the traffic that comes to visit this year.


With tools from WORX, getting ready for the holidays is easier than ever!

Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready
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Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready
Getting ready for the holidays includes refinishing your entry door, checking your plumbing and windows, repainting, and replacing cabinet hardware.
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