Home Care and Repair Checklist

By Joseph Truini

The key to keeping your home running smoothly and in good condition is to perform routine maintenance chores on a regular basis. Unfortunately too many of us wait until there’s trouble before we address a problem. As a result, small, simple fixes over time turn into extensive and very costly repairs.

To help you avoid major repair and maintenance issues, I’ve compiled a list of routine chores that every homeowner should perform. The chores are divided into four seasons since some are specific to the weather. And note that, depending on your specific home, you may not need to perform all of these chores. Here’s your year-round home care and repair maintenance checklist:


  • Install insect screens on windows and storm doors
  • Change HVAC filters in air conditioners and furnaces
  • Clean gutters of all leaves and debris (Spring and Fall)
  • Prepare flowerbeds and vegetable gardens for planting
  • Test sump pump to confirm it’s operating properly
  • Check for sagging gutters and loose downspouts
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (Spring and Fall)
  • Aerate and fertilize the lawn
  • Turn on outdoor faucets; take out and inspect garden hoses
  • Reseed bare spots on lawn
  • Inspect roof for damaged, loose, or missing shingles


Mowing the Lawn

  • Prep lawnmower for the mowing season; change oil, sharpen blades
  • Clean all windows, inside and out
  • Pressure-wash wood decks, patios and fences
  • Have central air-conditioning system professionally serviced
  • Check condition of all gates and fences, especially around swimming pools
  • Install window air-conditioning units
  • Plant flowerbeds and vegetable gardens
  • Spread mulch around trees and shrubs
  • Inspect driveways, sidewalks and patios for cracks
  • Check for damaged siding; replace or repair, as needed
  • Clean dust from ceiling-fan blades (Summer and Winter)
  • Touch up peeling or blistered house paint, especially around windows and doors


Blowing Leaves

  • Clear lawn of fallen leaves
  • Clean gutters of all leaves and debris (Spring and Fall)
  • Remove screens from windows and doors
  • Install storm doors and storm windows
  • Drain oil/gas from lawnmower, string trimmer and other outdoor power equipment
  • Clean and store away the gas grill
  • Have the chimney professionally swept and inspected
  • Confirm that attic has sufficient amount of insulation
  • Check weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors
  • Trim dead and dying garden plants; cover soil with mulch
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (Spring and Fall)


  • Have heating system professionally serviced
  • Remove window air conditioners
  • Flush sediment out of water heater
  • Have your snow blower professionally serviced
  • Inspect caulking around sinks, tubs and shower stalls
  • Clean the filter in the range hood
  • Confirm that portable or standby generator is operating properly
  • Clean dust from ceiling-fan blades (Summer and Winter)
  • Remove covers from baseboard heaters and vacuum trapped dust and dirt
  • Remove forced-air heat registers and vacuum the ducts clean

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