How to Use Your WORX Aerocart

By Joseph Truini

Calling the WORX Aerocart a wheelbarrow is analogous to referring to a Lamborghini as a mode of transportation. In both cases, you’d be dramatically underselling the brilliance of their design and engineering.

The Aerocart is a multi-purpose mobile cart that features dual tires for rock-solid stability, two long handles for superior leverage, and a durable 3-cu.-ft. steel tub that concentrates the center of gravity directly over the wheels. As a result, you can move heavy, even uneven loads with ease. In fact, tests have shown that transporting 200 lbs. in the Aerocart requires about as much effort as moving a 17-lb. load.

The Aerocart can be used as a wheelbarrow, yes, but that’s just the beginning of what this versatile cart can do. When outfitted with any number of WORX accessories, the Aerocart transforms into the most efficient labor-saving, material-hauling conveyance you’ve ever seen. Not quite as sexy as a Lamborghini, perhaps, but so much more useful.

Here’s a detailed look at 11 jobs you can tackle with the WORX Aerocart.

Hand Truck


At the base of the Aerocart is a 6-in. x 15-in. fold-down metal platform—known as a dolly flap plate—that converts the cart into a hand truck. And because the cart’s wheelbase is only 23 in. wide, you can easily roll the hand truck down hallways and through most doorways. The Aerocart is shown here with the cylinder holder, which provides an easy, safe way to transport large buckets, propane tanks, water jugs and other cylindrical-shaped items.

Firewood Carrier


Looking for an easy way to move a lot of firewood quickly and effortlessly? Then get the Aerocart firewood carrier (Model WA0232; $40) and get rolling! This ruggedly built accessory consists a 17½-in.-wide durable nylon sling that’s affixed to a heavy-duty steel frame. The frame clips onto the side of the Aerocart, and the upper end of the sling is tethered to the cart’s handles with two straps. The carrier can support nearly 180 lbs. of firewood, and the cart’s two wheels easily roll over the roughest terrain.

Wagon Kit


Transform your Aerocart into a versatile four-wheel, lawn-and-garden wagon with the WORX wagon conversion kit (Model WA0228; $80). The kit includes a front-axle assembly that clips directly onto the end of the Aerocart. The assembly has a long, pivoting handle and two never-flat tires. Also included are a molded-plastic cup holder and comfortable bench seat. The cup holder is great for holding beverages, hand tools, and other small supplies. The bench seat straddles the Aerocart’s metal tub and provides a convenient place to sit and rest while working in the garden.

Tub Organizer


Keep supplies neatly organized while working around the house and yard with the Aerocart tub organizer (Model WA0234; $40). This handy accessory fits comfortably into the cart’s metal tub and securely attaches to the handles with two nylon straps. The roomy organizer measures approximately 6 in. deep x 11½ in. wide x 23 in. long, and is made from wear-resistant nylon. It comes with two removable, adjustable dividers that can be positioned anywhere within the main compartment to accommodate a wide range of tools, materials and supplies. And as a bonus, the organizer has two carrying straps, so you can lift it out of the cart and can take it with you.

Rock Mover


There has never been a safe, easy way to move boulders around the yard, until now. The Aerocart comes with a super-strong nylon sling that’s specifically designed for lifting and transporting large, heavy rocks. Start by laying the sling on the ground beside the boulder, then roll the boulder onto the sling. Next, hook the sling’s steel rings onto the Aerocart’s two extension arms. Now, press down on the cart’s cushioned handles to raise the boulder off the ground. This is one heavyweight chore where you’ll really appreciate the Aerocart’s 10¼-in.-dia. never-flat tires.

Plant Mover


Moving large potted plants is often as difficult and dangerous as moving large boulders. Thankfully Aerocart offers a hassle-free solution: Attach the plant-moving sling to the cart’s extension arms. Roll up next to the plant, and tighten the adjustable nylon strap around pot. Now, just press down on the cart’s handle and roll the plant to its new location.

Watering Bag


Carrying buckets of water around the yard is difficult and frustrating; half of the water usually sloshes out before you get to where you’re going. Here’s a much better and easier option: Use the Aerocart watering bag (Model WA0229; $20). This accessory is essentially a big plastic bladder that fits into the cart’s metal tub. When filled with a garden hose, the watering bag holds about 21 gallons of water, which weighs over 175 lbs! But don’t worry, the Aerocart’s center-balance, two-wheel design allows you to easily transport the water, even over bumpy ground.

The watering bag comes with a solid cap and a sprinkler cap. After filling the bag with water, screw on the solid cap and roll the Aerocart up to a tree, garden, shrub or flowerbed. Then, replace the solid cap with the sprinkler cap. Raise the cart’s handle to deliver a controlled spray of water to your plantings. And note that this accessory isn’t just for watering plants; it’s also useful for filling livestock troughs, and mixing concrete and mortar.

Garden-Tool Holder


Carrying long-handled tools in a wheelbarrow or yard cart of any kind can be exasperating. The tools always seem to slide or bounce out, especially when negotiating hills and rough terrain. WORX has solved this annoying problem once and for all with the introduction of its universal tool holders (Model WA0235; $10 for two).

Made of fiber-reinforced nylon, the two holders resemble giant clothespins, but are specially designed to clip onto the edge of the Aerocart’s tub. Once the holders are in place, simply press the tool handle down onto the holders until it snaps into place. Use these handy accessories to secure shovels, rakes, hoes, and other long-handled tools. Note that WORX universal tool holders can also be used on traditional wheelbarrows.

Leaf-Bag Holder


The WORX Aerocart makes yard cleanup easier with the included leaf-bag holder. This cleverly designed accessory is a rectangular metal frame that quickly clips onto the Aerocart without any fasteners. The frame is equipped with a strong elastic strap that securely holds a paper or plastic leaf bag in place. And with the cart in hand-truck mode, you can roll right up to a pile of leaves or grass clippings, and easily scoop them into the bag.

Snow Plow


When fitted with the snow-plow attachment (Model WA0230; $40), the Aerocart can be used to clear snow from walkways, patios, driveways and other hard surfaces. Let’s see your wheelbarrow do that! And the Aerocart’s superior leverage and dual wheels allow you to roll along and lift the heaviest, wettest snow without undue stress on your back.

The 25½-in.-wide plow quickly attaches to the hand-truck platform, and is made from thick, impact-resistant plastic. And there’s a galvanized-steel strip mounted along the bottom edge to protect the plastic blade from wearing out prematurely.

Trailer Hitch


The superior leverage provided by the Aerocart, makes it ideal for moving about trailers. Simply attach a receiving ball hitch to the Aerocart and you’ve got an easy, handy way to move a boat, personal watercraft, snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle trailer weighing up to 1,000 lbs. Note that WORX doesn’t sell this as an accessory, but the Aerocart will accept any standard ball hitch.

Final Word

The WORX Aerocart (Model WG050) sells for about $140 and comes complete with four useful accessories: rock mover, leaf-bag holder, plant mover, and cylinder holder. All other accessories are sold separately. For more information, visit