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Crafting and hobby work can be tricky. Whether you’re burning-in an intricate design or putting the final touches on a piece of furniture, you need crafting tools that are easy to maneuver yet still supply enough power to solder at a hot enough temperature or get the disc sander really spinning. We polled the maker, hobby & crafting communities to find out what they would like to see in a new line of crafting tools, and used what we learned to build this collection. MAKERX tools, quite simply, are slimmer and easier to grip than what’s out there already, so you can add a level of detail not possible with other tools. Plus, they’re powered by the Hub, a truly portable 20V power source that operates every tool in the lineup and lets you work anywhere you want to—without being tethered to a wall outlet.

You can browse the entire line of crafting tools on the MAKERX landing page, or get to know each individual tool below. But enough introduction, let’s get on with the show!

The Rotary Tool to Rule Them All!

grandfather and grandson using rotary tool on wooden objects

Who knew so much rotational power could be packed into something so streamlined? The micro-ergonomic design lets you hold it like a pencil, so you can really get in there and mind the details. Engrave, etch, or polish tight corners with more sophistication than ever before. And with a compact brushless motor, it reaches speeds up to 35,000 RPM, which is as fast as any cordless rotary tool currently on the market. Brushless motors, if you haven’t heard, are the industry standard in power tools. So the same tech that drives our drills and leaf blowers is running some of our crafting tools, too. And with the Hub, you can adjust the speed to find just the right amount for a wide variety of tasks. This perfect combo of precision and power will give your projects a level of professional quality that other cordless rotary tools can’t.

What’s more, its universal fit collet accepts the bits and accessories of all the major brands, so if you already have a rotary tool kit laying around or want to buy one in the future, it will be compatible with the MAKERX version. Though, this rotary tool kit does come with a whole bunch of bits, wheels and accessories to get you working right out of the box.

Rotary tools are perhaps the most useful crafting tool available to makers, so you should ensure you get a good one that meets your needs. For the exactness required of next-level glass, metal, and wood engraving, with the power to cut through protruding bolts or grind rust off rails, choose the MAKERX Rotary Tool and unlock the potential of your crafting abilities.

Discover the MAKERX Rotary Tool here:

An Easy-to-Use Angle Grinder

person using angle grinder to cut through a metal pipe

Reduce the strain on your hands. This compact disc sander is more comfortable to grip and use for long stretches on account of the signature MAKERX micro-ergonomic design. That small form-factor is a feature of all our crafting tools, so you can cut, carve, sand, and grind all afternoon without still feeling it in your arms the next morning. The compact brushless motor allows this disc sander to run longer on a single charge while spinning out 5,000 to 20,000 RPM, for the flexibility to tackle a whole host of projects: shape copper pipe for ornamental pieces, cut guttering or siding into place, refurbish glass on foggy headlights, or cut pipes to make wind chimes.

This angle grinder accepts 1.5” wheels with ¼” butterfly-style arbor, and 2” wheels with a 3/8” arbor. And it, too, takes wheels from other brands, even the Dremel® EZ-Lock™ system. Plus, the Hub and its flexible 4-foot cord let you bring it anywhere with you, set it down, and move freely around the project in front of you. You don’t need to snake an extension cord from your work area, around the couch, up the stairs, hook it up to another cord… you get the idea.

Learn more about the MAKERX Angel Grinder here:

Air Brush: No Compressor Needed

person using airbrush to paint an object blue

Nimble is the best way to describe the MAKERX Air Brush. The ultimate portable paint sprayer doesn’t require a compressor that you need to lug around, just the ultra-portable Hub. With it, you can reach 14-18 PSI for larger projects, and still utilize the 0.4 mm precision nozzle for fine, detailed work like culinary art pieces or miniature crafts. This air brush excels at makeup as well—foundation, highlighting, contouring, even eyeshadow all look great when applied with this crafting tool. And the dual function trigger regulates both the paint volume and airflow, making it easy to operate.

This is the only 20V portable paint sprayer on the market. You’ll enjoy a longer runtime and more power on a single charge. When space is limited (and it often is), this is the perfect little air brush for worktables, kitchen tables, vanity tables and more. And that slender form-factor makes it easy to manipulate and complete designs that you couldn’t with thicker crafting tools.

Find the MAKERX Air Brush here:

This Mini Heat Gun is the Boss

woman and man using mini heat gun to emboss on a denim jacket

Everything about this heat gun is convenient, from its scaled-down composition to its nearly instantaneous warm up to 500° F. You don’t have to wait around for it to reach target heat like you do with other hot air guns. So when you’ve got a project that needs to dry, like, right now… Grab this gun and get the job done. Its narrow focus nozzle lets you precisely control just where the heat is directed, making this the perfect crafting tool for small projects. And the built-in prop stand allows you to set the Mini Heat Gun down without the hot nozzle touching and possibly damaging the work surface.

Not only is this hot air gun great for all the traditional things, like embossing paper and cards, warming up plastic and wood for shaping, and heating shrink plastic around a product, it has so many household uses that even the non-makers in the family will find it useful. It thaws frozen door locks, pumps, valves, and spigots. It loosens stubborn jar lids and seized nuts. It heats up old paint and adhesive for easy removal. But it’ll be your mini heat gun, mostly. So you might want to make a shadow board to organize these crafting tools, that way everyone knows exactly where to put them when they’re returned. Hey, maybe that’s your first project!

Get to know the MAKERX Mini Heat Gun better here:

Precisely the Right Wood & Metal Crafter

man using soldering iron to repair a speaker

With functions similar to a soldering iron & wood burning tool, we call this the Wood & Metal Crafter because its construction and features make it so much more than the traditional versions of those crafting tools. The precise digital temperature control lets you set it exactly where it needs to be, anywhere between 400° and 900° F, making it suitable for a wide variety of wood, metal, and soldering projects. It reaches target heat in a quick 30 seconds, and it burns as hot as a full-size wood burning tool & soldering iron, but in a much skinnier design. In fact, the micro-ergonomic chassis gives it a pencil-like grip, so you can place it exactly where you need it, making this the ideal instrument for minute work on electronics.

But of course, it burns wood, leather, and metal like nobody’s business, too. It’s great at marking wooden signs, branding boxes, making bracelets, embellishing leather goods and customizing belts, jewelry making, and pyrography projects of all sorts. I’m getting a little warm just thinking about it.

Discover the MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter here:

Let’s Hear It One More Time for the Hub

mother and daughter using makerx crafting tools and handing the makerx hub to each other

All you need is one Hub to power all the MAKERX crafting tools. The same rechargeable 20V Power Share battery that drives Worx cordless power tools, like circular saws, lawnmowers, and hedge trimmers, allows the Hub to deliver plenty of juice to the fantastic 5 above. And you can take all that power with you, right to the project. Just pick up the Hub and go.

Find the MAKERX Hub Portable Power Source here:

There you have it. A brand new line of crafting tools designed for the modern maker & hobbyist. Powerful, portable, and made for detailed work. What will you engrave or etch when you have the best cordless rotary tool kit on the block? What will you polish with our ergonomically-friendly disc sander/angle grinder? A portable paint sprayer without a compressor makes for a wonderful air brush indeed. And mini hot air guns that reach target heat almost instantly, and wood burning tools & soldering irons that let you set the temp precisely are sure to be warmly received. You can go anywhere and make anything with MAKERX creative tools. What will you make next?

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