What to Know About Circular Saw Maintenance

Safety should be one of your key concerns when you start working with power tools. Beyond learning about the basics of power tool safety, you also need to know how to maintain your power tools. Proper maintenance will not only ensure that you keep the tools in the best condition possible, but it is also important for staying safe when using power tools. 

A tool like the WORX 20V ExacTrack 6-1/2” Circular Saw is one of the most useful power tools you can own. It can be used to make a variety of different types of woodworking cuts and also has the ability to cut a range of other materials.

If you want to get as much from your WORX ExacTrack circular saw as possible, you will need to perform the necessary maintenance. This includes things like keeping the tool clean, proper circular saw storage, using the right blades, and more. By following these circular saw maintenance tips, you can extend the life of the tool and guarantee the best performance possible.

Use the Right Circular Saw Blades

You’ll find a wide variety of circular saw blades if you head down to your local home improvement store, with different sizes to choose from depending on the size of your circular saw. Beyond that, you have variations in the tooth design and the tooth count, as well as circular saw blades that are made to work with different materials.

Using the right blade for the job is one of the most important parts of circular saw maintenance. If you use the wrong blade, it could get damaged during the cut. Furthermore, using the wrong type of circular saw blade forces the tool to work harder than it has to.

Clean Your Circular Saw

Cleaning is one of the keys to circular saw maintenance. After using the tool, you should wipe the housing down with a damp cloth and make sure the air vents are clean. Along with that, you should also learn how to safely clean circular saw blades. The blades can get very dirty when they are in action, and some of that dirt and grime can impact the performance of your circular saw. 

Learn About Circular Saw Storage 

A circular saw is a tough tool. With that said, you don’t want to go out of your way to expose it to harsh conditions. If your circular saw came with a case, you should use it. If not, you should find a storage area where it can stay dry and clean. 

Along with storing the saw, you should also make efforts to store your circular saw blades properly. You don’t want to just leave them in the bottom of a tool bag or lying around your workbench. If your circular saw case has a spot for blades, keep them there. Alternatively, you can set up pegs or nails near your workbench to hang the blades from.

Inspect Your Tool Before Every Use

Similar to table saw maintenance, you should inspect your circular saw and its blades before every use. Start by inspecting the housing for cracks or loose screws. If the circular saw has a cord, you should check to make sure it is in good shape before plugging it in. Inspect your circular saw blades for damage before using your saw. Check the air vents to make sure they are clear and test the blade guard to make sure it works properly. You should also check all of the knobs and levers before turning the saw on. 

Guard Against Heat

Heat can increase the wear on your circular saw blades. Stopping to give the tool a break during a long cut can go a long way in preserving the blades when it comes to circular saw maintenance. Even making a lot of brief cuts in a row can heat the blade up. By taking the time to let the blades cool down, you can protect the blade and prevent damage to your circular saw.

Circular saw maintenance is generally very simple. This is especially true when compared to table saw maintenance. By doing things like keeping it clean, practicing proper circular saw storage, and using the right blades, you can guarantee a longer operating life and optimal performance for your circular saw.

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What to Know About Circular Saw Maintenance
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What to Know About Circular Saw Maintenance
Keeping the tool clean, proper circular saw storage, using the right blades, and more will extend the life of the tool and guarantee the best performance possible.
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