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A Powerfully Portable Air Brush

No Compressor, No Problem for the MAKERX Air Brush

No one likes dragging a compressor around when they’re using an air brush. It’s almost always a hassle. It doesn’t fit easily onto a workspace. You’re tripping over it if you place it on the floor. You generally have to plug it into the wall. And it’s always in the way. And truly portable paint sprayers are typically too weak to give you any substantial runtime. That’s why we hooked our MAKERX Air Brush up to the streamlined Hub and its 20V Power Share battery. The Hub is compact and fits in the palm of your hand (and will definitely fit on a table). Its 4 ft. flexible cord gives you the freedom you need to move this air paint brush all around your project. And the 20V battery backing it up is the same one we use to run our Worx chainsaws and impact drivers, so it has more than enough juice (3 hours on one charge) for those long sessions.

Micro-Ergonomic Design

Here’s where the MAKERX Air Brush shines. Other truly portable paint sprayers are kind of heavy for what they are, and pretty bulky to get one hand around (plus, they’re not as powerful, btw.) See, we off-loaded the power onto the Hub, allowing the overall profile of this air paint brush to be slimmer. So across multiple applications, that compact design makes this air paint sprayer easier to use, easier to add finer details with, and easier on your hands for long stretches. If you’re up all night painting minis, you’ll appreciate fewer hand cramps while you work. If you’re using it as a makeup air brush, it’ll be a breeze whipping it around your face.

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Precision Nozzle

It seems that 0.4 mm was the most popular nozzle size amongst the portable paint sprayer community when we asked around. It’s narrow enough to handle the majority of detailed tasks. Any narrower and you begin getting diminishing returns despite the smaller size, and you start running into performance issues, too. 0.4 mm seems to be the sweet spot. So we slapped it on this air paint sprayer. Between the nozzle, the dual function trigger (which we’ll get to in a sec), and the paint volume adjustment screw, you have the flexibility to go big or go small.

Dual Function Trigger

The most popular trigger type operates this air brush, the handy double-function switch lets you easily regulate airflow and paint volume from the same place. Together with the precision nozzle you can make detailed lines or pull back and get better coverage. Quickly make adjustments on the fly, and manipulate the 14-18 PSI that this portable paint sprayer kicks out to your liking. It supports multiple grips, so you can find a style that is comfortable and effective, whether you’re using it for a craft project or as a makeup air brush. One finger on top, two, or a thumb, we won’t judge how you handle your air paint sprayer.

A Masterful Makeup Air Brush

Portable paint sprayers are great at contouring. Some say air brushes were made to do foundation, and never go back after having tried it as a makeup air brush. Rich highlights, sophisticated eye shadow, you can even pull off some arresting eyeliner looks if you’ve got the right stencils. And if you’re an air brush aficionado already, you know a compressor isn’t going to fit on a makeup table without getting in the way. Compressors can also be noisy, which of course is an issue for making videos, if that’s your thing.

A Miniature Maker

The longer runtime for a portable paint sprayer is what makes this one great for painting minis—those sessions can go awhile. You’ll need a second battery, or one with a higher capacity, if you want to go longer than three hours with this air paint brush. But that’s still longer than pretty much every portable paint sprayer available. If you do want to pull an all-nighter, though, the 20V Power Share battery does come in higher-capacity varieties. Typically the 1.5Ah version powers the Hub, but you can purchase a 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah model and paint until your mother, brother, or significant other tells you it’s time to go to bed. “You have work in the morning!”

You Only Need One Hubby

This air brush is part of a whole arsenal of crafting, hobby, and DIY powered tools. MAKERX has a Mini Heat Gun for embossing cards and drying projects. A Wood & Metal Crafter for pyrography, jewelry, and precision electronics work. An Angle Grinder for polishing, carving, and shaping large to small scale works of art. And a Rotary Tool, which does everything else. And just one Hub powers them all. Start with this air paint brush and grow it out from there. It’s a great way to save money when you’re putting a whole collection together. A collection that features tools that are slimmer and more compact than any others on the market, so you can achieve a level of detail not possible with other crafting tools.

Let’s Put One Final Coat on It

This well-rounded workhorse is more than a makeup air brush or painter of minifigs. It was made for all sorts of crafting activities, too. This air paint sprayer is excellent for making clothes, fine art, graphics, papercrafts, working with textiles, spraying acrylic on plastic, woodworking, ceramics, making signs or murals, painting RCs or rail models, nail art, body art, even spray tanning. This portable paint sprayer is capable of both precision and coverage. It’s easy to use with a micro-ergonomic design that makes it easy to maneuver. The attributes of the MAKERX Air Brush weren’t just slapped together willy nilly, either. They were carefully engineered to the specifications of the communities in which air brushes are an essential tool.

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