A Spring Yard Clean Up Guide for Your Best-Looking Lawn

Spring is the perfect opportunity to take your spring yard clean up to the next level. Maybe you already know how to mow your lawn like a pro, but what about the rest of your yard? It could be time to take inventory and get your yard Spring and Summer ready! Here is a guide to helping with the spring yard maintenance tasks, such as fixing up garden beds, trees and shrubs, patios and walkways, and general lawn care.

Fix Up Your Garden Beds for Easy Yard Cleaning

Start your spring yard clean up by working on your garden beds. Rake out any leaves and remove dead foliage. If you see any weeds beginning to grow, pull them up before they are a serious problem. This is also a good chance to cut back and divide your perennials. Remove the old mulch from last year and prepare the garden beds for new mulch.

This is also the perfect opportunity to re-establish the borders for your garden beds if they have become overgrown. Of course, you can cut new borders for your garden beds with a shovel, but you can make the work faster and easier by using a cordless string trimmer

Early Spring Lawn Care

With your garden beds taken care of, you can now work on early spring lawn care. The first step is to rake and do a little lawn clean up. Remove all of the leaves and any other debris that may be covering the turf. Once you have finished cleaning the lawn, look for any bare patches or areas that look unhealthy. You can then apply a lawn repair mix to address some of the areas that need attention.

With the 40V 5.0 Ah 20” Lawn Mower w/Mulching and Side Discharge Capabilities, you can improve your spring yard clean up. The cordless electric design cuts down on lawn mower maintenance and the automatic mulching helps to return some of the nutrients to your lawn. It also has a simple single-lever system for adjusting the cutting height and a fully collapsible handle for easy storage.

Perform Spring Yard Maintenance on Trees and Shrubs

Since the cold weather can be tough on your trees and shrubs, take the time to inspect them for dead or damaged branches. Use your handsaw to cut back any branches that are in bad shape. You might need to consider using an electric chainsaw if you have any thicker branches that are hard to cut with your handsaw.

While you are working on the branches, take the time to look at the beds and roots for your trees and shrubs. If they have mulch, you might want to lay down fresh mulch to replace the old. Along with that, consider applying fertilizer for your trees and shrubs.

Remember Patios and Walkways

As another yard cleaning chore, look at concrete patios and walkways. Most of these surfaces come out of winter looking dirty, so you can spend some of your time at home to get them looking fresh again. If you have a wood deck, that is another surface that could use a good cleaning at the beginning of spring.

The 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is one of the best tools for this type of outdoor cleaning. It has a range of settings that can be good for different cleaning tasks, and it is easy to handle as you move around the yard to clean different areas. Beyond patios, decks, and walkways, you can also use the Hydroshot to clean your outdoor furniture and fence.

We might have to stay at home to help society deal with the coronavirus outbreak, but that does not mean you have to stay inside. Working on spring yard cleaning will be a good way to keep yourself busy and it will also give you a reason to get outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Keep your spring yard looking its best with tools from WORX!

A Spring Yard Clean Up Guide for Your Best-Looking Lawn
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A Spring Yard Clean Up Guide for Your Best-Looking Lawn
Spring yard maintenance tasks include fixing up garden beds, trees and shrubs, patios and walkways, and general lawn care.
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