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  • heat gun heating crayons on top of white pumpkins

    Kim Toscano Reviews the MAKERX Mini Heat Gun

    Meet the New MAKERX™ Mini Heat Gun By Kim Toscano From home improvement to scrapbooking, the MAKERX™ Mini Heat Gun…

  • holding worx air brush and battery and charger next to sky painted box and dinosaurs

    Kim Toscano Reviews the MAKERX Airbrush

    Part of the new go-anywhere series of crafting tools from WORX®, the MakerX™ Airbrush combines power and portability so you can take the Airbrush anywhere you create – from the kitchen to the workshop to the dressing room. The MakerX system includes five compact crafting tools powered by a 20V Battery Power Hub, including a rotary tool, angle grinder, mini heat gun, wood and metal crafter, and airbrush.

  • using pressure washer to lean off stone steps

    Joe Truini Reviews The All New Worx Hydroshot Ultra

    Hydroshot Ultra: A Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine Author: Joe Truini  WORX has a well-earned reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative,…

  • worx usb charger hub charging iphone

    Meet Worx USB Adapter

    WORX USB Adapter Provides Power for Your OTHER Tools Michael Kaufman   We have all been there, deeply engaged in…