Top 10 Ways to use the WORX AIR Cordless Blower

A Small Wonder

by Mark Wolfe

The WORX AIR 20V Blower/Sweeper is an outstanding piece of equipment for small cleanup jobs. To begin with, messy liquid fuel and cumbersome power cords are a thing of the past, allowing for easy access and mobility in the tightest of places indoors or out. The rechargeable 20V MaxLithium battery has plenty of juice, pushing 80 cubic feet of air per minute at up to 120 miles per hour. The lightweight, compact design means it can be stored conveniently close-at-hand for regular use wherever it may be needed, and at 3.5 pounds, it weighs much less than a gallon of milk. The kit includes eight attachments that turn this little machine into a cleanup multi-tool, as well as a handy mesh bag to keep it all organized.

Top 10 Uses for the WORX AIR Cordless Blower

  1. With the long blower tube, keep the entries, walkways, patio and deck clear of dust, dirt, grass clippings and leaves. Use it to eliminate empty seed hulls from beneath bird feeders.
  2. Use the dust tube and dust brush to detail areas like light fixtures, ceiling fans, and window and door trim where dust and cobwebs accumulate.
  3. With the inflator attachment, clear debris out of sliding door tracks and other cracks and crevices.
  4. Cleanup loose debris on the garage or shop floor.
  5. Use the sweeper attachment to dry up small spills.
  6. Use the sweeper to dry the car or motorcycle after a wash.
  7. Use the flex hose with either the inflator attachment or the small dust brush to clean tools and equipment and small, detailed project pieces.
  8. With the short tube, blow loose sand and dirt out of the car, including crevices, before vacuuming.
  9. Inflate and deflate beach balls, air mattresses, water wings and more with the inflator and deflator attachments.
  10. Use the short tube to clean dirt and debris from tents, boats and campers.

With so many great uses for the 20V blower/sweeper, it won’t hurt to have more than one. Store one in the house and one in the shop…maybe a third for the boat or RV. Keep them close at hand and use them often. It will be a cinch to have the tidiest home in the neighborhood.

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