What type of Weekend DIY Warrior are You?

Smell that? That’s summer. That’s freshly cut grass, newly-built treehouses, cleaned-out garages, renovated bathrooms, and new power tools.

Shaping shrubs and trimming trees are no easy feats, but it’s nothing for someone that knows how to get the job done, and get the job done right. With the projects calling, is your home improvement arsenal locked and loaded? Make sure it is so the weekend projects ahead are no match for your ultimate skills.

Whether it’s a honey-do line item or an HGTV vision for a backyard oasis, the time has come to #DadItYourself.

Ready to find out which weekend DIY warrior you are? Take the quiz to get your promo code for instant savings now through the 4th of July!

Wear your title proudly when you tag your outcome with #DadItYourself and share across your social media outlets.

To all those that #DadItYourself, we salute you!

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