Soldered Together: A Wood Burning Tool & Metal Crafter in One

20V MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter

Wood burning tools get hot. So do soldering irons. Both tools are pen-shaped. It’s really just the tips that are different. So why are wood crafters and soldering irons generally two different things? Our research and development team asked themselves that same question in the early stages of designing the MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter. As a matter of fact, they wondered, why not have a whole crafting tool system that just switched out the implements, instead of making a whole assortment of individual, and thus more expensive, crafting tools? With Worx’ never-ending quest to create tools that are easier to use and cost-effective but still packed with higher-end features, MAKERX was born. The Wood & Metal Crafter comes with ten interchangeable tips so that you can use it as both a wood burning pen and a metal crafter with the capabilities of a top-performing soldering iron. And it sports the features of much pricier versions of those tools, like auto shut-off (so you don’t burn the house down), digital temperature readout and control (so you know exactly how hot the tip is, and can set it to precisely where you need it to be), and the capability to reach 900° F, and reach it quickly.

This wood burning tool and metal crafter combo is more powerful and slimmer than other truly portable wood crafters and soldering irons. And thanks to the MAKERX Hub, it boasts far more mobility than those you have to plug into the wall. It’s great for pyrography. Great for soldering. Great for metalwork and jewelry making. It’s just a great 2-in-1 tool.

man using wood & metal crafter to solder electronics

Micro-Ergonomic Design

With a pencil-like grip you’re capable of doing more intricate work. That comes in extremely handy in both of the very different worlds of wood burning and electronics. Since you can hold it like a pen, you can write with it like one. So designs with your very own handwriting are possible when using it as a wood crafter. And of course, you can add extra details and flourishes that just aren’t possible with bulkier wood burning pens. Some truly portable models are as thick as a water bottle. What’s the point of that? Wood burning tools that large make metalwork, mixed media art, and jewelry making almost impossible with all the clasps and attachments called for in those pursuits.

Mechanical engineers need to be delicate, too. Working on a circuit board is much easier with a slim soldering iron. Splicing wires is simpler to do, too, as you can point the tip right where it needs to be and place your solder where it will be most effective. (Then you can use the MAKERX Mini Heat Gun to seal the heat shrink. Those two tools make a great team.)

We’ve Got a Tip… or Ten

There are six wood burning pen tips, and four that make it a metal crafter with the capabilities of a soldering iron, included with this model. Plus, a cradle so you can set the wood burning tool down without burning the project or your work surface, and a silicone comfort sleeve to find the perfect grip for your hand when you’re working with this tool for long periods. Solder flows to where the heat is on the tip, so the more precise the tip, the more accurate you can be with the tool. These tips were specially machined to be used with pinpoint accuracy. But this metal crafter accepts tips from other brands, too, if you find one that you want to use down the road. The wood crafter tips are six of the most popular and useful types. They’re solid point tips with options for marking straight lines, calligraphy, shading, and creating patterns.

makerx wood and metal crafter resting on holder

Heats Up Quickly

Some wood burning tools take 4 or 5 minutes to heat up. Not the MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter! Dual temperature sensors in this metal crafter/wood burning pen help the internal heating element reach target heat in just 30 seconds. And it reaches the heat of larger and more expensive soldering irons and wood crafters (400-900° F). That quick heat up is ideal for pros on the job site who need to use this tool to fix something quickly so it can get back in use. If you have to wait five minutes just to begin to repair a drone or RC car in competition, you’re going to lose. If you can fix a piece of rigging or electronics on a movie set in just a few seconds, the whole crew will be happy. And even working in your shop at home, it’s annoying waiting five minutes for a wood burning tool to warm up. Just turn on the MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter and go!

Precise Digital Temp Control

The digital temperature read out right on this wood burning tool lets you know exactly how hot it is. There’s no guessing on what the temp might be, or what the difference is between notch 5 and 6 on the dial that most other wood burning systems and soldering irons use. Adjusting the heat is easy, just use the plus and minus buttons on either side of the readout.

But the nicest feature of this whole tool may be the automatic shut off. If the Wood & Metal Crafter has not been moved for about 5 minutes, the temperature will drop to 400˚F. If it remains motionless for another 10 minutes, the tool will shut off altogether. Whew, that’s a relief. No more freaking out in the middle of the grocery store that you might have left your wood burning tool or soldering iron on.

The Final Touches

Even modern wood burning tools and soldering irons look like they were invented in the 70s. (Psst… That’s because they were.) The MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter employs design elements and ergonomic tricks borrowed from other industries to add function and ease-of-use to this thinner wood burning pen and metal crafter. It’s kind of like we combined a wood crafter with a soldering iron with a smartphone. That intuitive design makes it a good tool for beginners. The fast heat up and 900° ceiling makes it everything an intermediate crafter or electrical hobbyist needs to succeed. The unmatched level of dexterity gives the pros something to look forward to. And the automatic shut off keeps everyone safe and happy.

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