WORX 40V Nitro Chainsaw: Uncomprimising Power

by Joseph Truini

“…one of fastest, most powerful cordless chainsaws I’ve ever tested”

Over the past decade or so, I’ve tested at least a dozen battery-powered chainsaws, and have found that most sacrificed speed and power—arguably the two most important features of any chainsaw—for cordless convenience. So, when I had a chance to get my hands on the new WORX Nitro 40-volt 16-in. chainsaw, I was cautiously optimistic that it would leave me impressed, not disappointed. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about.

WORX Nitro 16" Chainsaw

The WORX Nitro (Item WG385) is one of fastest, most powerful cordless chainsaws I’ve ever tested, thanks in part to its super-efficient brushless motor, which delivers 50 percent longer run time, 25 percent more power, and 10 percent longer life than a traditional brushed motor. The 16-in. saw is powered by two 40-volt, 4.0-amp-hour Power Share Pro lithium-ion batteries that drive the saw chain at an astonishing 59 feet per second; that’s nearly twice as fast as most cordless chainsaws.

To test the Nitro, I popped in two fully charged batteries and started crosscutting 6- to 8-in.-dia. hardwood logs—mostly white ash and black locust—into firewood. The saw cut quickly and smoothly without a hint of stalling or slowing down. Admittedly the saw chain was brand-new and super-sharp, and I wasn’t leaning on the saw, but it still sliced through the logs with ease. But what was most impressive was that I was able to make 55 cuts before the batteries needed recharging.

Now, you wouldn’t use this saw—or any other cordless chainsaw—to fell trees all day. But the WORX Nitro is well-engineered and perfectly suited for cutting down a few trees, trimming branches, and bucking long logs into firewood.

Here are few other user-friendly features:

• Quick-stop chain brake for enhanced safety.
• Automatic chain lubrication system with a large 5.8-oz. oil tank.
• Tool-free automatic chain-tensioning system that prevents over-tightening.
• Vibration-absorbing rubber over-molded grip on rear handle.
• Battery power indicator so you know when to recharge the batteries.
• 16-inch bar fitted with pro-grade Oregon 3/8-in.-pitch, low-kickback saw chain.
• Lightweight at just 15.3 lbs. with both batteries installed.
• Comes fully assembled and ready to cut right out of the box.
• Unlike a gas-powered chainsaw, the Nitro is super quiet, doesn’t require mixing oil and gas, and it produces no noxious exhaust fumes.

The WORX Nitro 40-Volt 16-inch Cordless Chainsaw comes complete with two 20-volt 4.0-amp-hour Power Share Pro lithium-ion batteries, a dual-port battery charger, and slip-on bar protection cover. And its batteries are compatible with any of the many tools in the WORX Power Share family of tools. For more information see below, or go to www.worx.com.

WORX 40v Nitro Chainsaw: Uncomprimising Power
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WORX 40v Nitro Chainsaw: Uncomprimising Power
The WORX Nitro (Item WG385) is one of fastest, most powerful cordless chainsaws I’ve ever tested
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