The power of freedom
No more tangled cords, no more messy gas
Clean up your act
Yardwork shouldn’t be messy before it begins. Skip the petrol and all the maintenance of petrol-powered tools to go for a greener, clean alternative. No mixing needed, just click the battery in and go. Worx cordless tools give you all the freedom of petrol tools with none of the hassle.
Lithium is mainstream
battery technology.
Compared to previous battery types, such as Nickel Cadmium, Lithium provides terrific advantages including no memory effect, extremely slow discharge rate, lightweight and so on. However, not all Lithium batteries are the same...
The ultimate Lithium technology.
Worx 20V Max Lithium ion batteries are engineered for the most demanding cordless power tool application. The combination of highest quality cells and advanced electronic management leads to higher energy storage density, faster recharge, longer runtime and longer lifetime compared to standard Lithium batteries.
Running out of juice
before you finished your work?
With Worx Lithium batteries you don’t
need to wait an hour until they are fully
charged. Thanks to the smart charger,
they’ll be 80% charged in only 30 minutes.
Just enough time for a coffee break!
* 80% charged in only 30 minutes
Why pay for unwanted batteries
when you can share them?
Powershare gives you the freedom to build
your cordless Worx system according to your needs
Do more with less
Why have one set of tools and batteries for inside and another for outside? PowerShare lets you use one Worx battery for all your 20V tools. Make your toolbox go further with bare tools and share the batteries you already have – hang some curtains, trim your grass and sand down a sticky door all with the same powerful Worx battery. Save money, space, and skip unwanted batteries with the versatility of PowerShare.
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