Worxair Multipurpouse Blower

85% of the dirt in your home is tracked in from entry points like your garage, deck or workshop. Use the WorxAir and its convenient attachments to create a CleanZone at these entry points with ease.

Sidewalks in 2 min

Quickly clear off your outdoor spaces
to create a clean zone and keep your
house free of dirt and debris

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Patios in 3 min

Use the WORX AIR and its
convenient attachments to create
a clean zone at these entry points
with minimal time and effort

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Garages in 6 min

Ultra-fast clean-up without moving a single thing

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Model # WG545.1
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“Amazing product. Lightweight, no cord and powerful enough that I use it almost every day. I highly recommend this!” -Mindy, TX

AIR Dust Brush

Clean out spider webs, dust, debris
easier by providing direct air through
the brush


Wide Nozzle

A wide area air flow device
for drying flat surfaces
or sweeping wider areas


Create a CleanZone
in just minutes

Powerful 20V MaxLithium
Blower/Sweeper with
attachments for cleaning
all around your house.
Includes mesh carry all bag

  • AIR Dust Brush
  • Wide Nozzle
  • Dust Nozzle, Compact Tube,
    Detail Brush, Inflator Nozzle,
    Extension Hose &
    BONUS Deflator Cover

Easy deck and
patio clean-up

Quickly clear off your
outdoor spaces


Gutter Cleaning Kit

(optional accessory for $39.99)

Gutter cleaning kit provides direct airflow for
debris removal in higher locations, extending
your reach up to 11 feet


Blow away dirt and
debris in less time

The all-new WORX AIR high-density
MaxLithium battery has a capacity
rating almost twice that of previous
WORX machines.

The WORX AIR comes standard with
the most powerful and long-lasting
battery offered.

It’s 40% lighter than Ni-Cd models,
making the WORX AIR less tiring
and easier to use than the competitors.

Nearly 2x the battery
capacity with 120 mph force

The WORX AIR and its cordless convenience
offers features that other blowers can’t.

Its ultra lightweight and compact design
makes creating a clean zone around your
home a breeze with any one of the 8
included attachments.

Quickly clear sidewalks, patios and decks
in just minutes and garages in 6 minutes.
All without having to move a single thing
out of your way.


Technical data

Voltage 20V Max* 32V Max**
Air speed 120 mph 120 mph
Air flow 80 cfm 80 cfm
Charging time 3 hr approx. 3 hr approx.
Machine weight 3.5 lbs 3.9 lbs
Warranty 3 years 3 years

* Voltage measured without workload. Initial battery voltage reaches maximum of 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18 volts.
** Voltage measured without workload. Initial battery voltage reaches maximum of 32 volts. Nominal voltage is 28.8 volts.


Battery pack 1 Detail brush 1
Long tube 1 Dust nozzle 1
Compact tube 1 Inflator nozzle 1
Extension hose 1 Wide nozzle 1
Dust brush 1 *BONUS* Deflator Cover 1

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