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Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Ergonomically designed for a smooth and even cut, many Worx cordless lawn mowers feature steel decks for superior durability. Each of our cordless mowers is built to last longer, trim flawlessly, and resist rough mowing terrain. Our patented IntelliCut technology dials up the torque when you need it for denser grass, then dials it back when you don’t to conserve battery. Worx battery-operated, cordless lawn mowers are lightweight, exceptionally quiet, easy to use, and deliver a cut like no other.

A Cut Above the Rest: IntelliCut Technology

Our unique IntelliCut® system ensures your lawn mowing is done with ease and precision. The patented technology dials up the torque to power through parts of your lawn that are thicker and denser, saving energy and money. Our top-of-the line Worx NITRO model (WG761) has Auto-IntelliCut that automatically adjusts performance to grass conditions.

Leaner, Greener, and Cleaner than Gas Mowers

Gas powered lawn mowers produce two kinds of pollution. First, there’s the noise pollution from how loud they are, which can be really annoying for neighbors and family. Second, they produce a surprising amount of air pollution emissions.

Of particular concern is the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change. The EPA estimates that 54 million homeowners are mowing their lawns every weekend. That’s a lot of air pollution that can be avoided. When you buy one of the cleaner, greener cordless lawn mowers available from Worx, you’re able to make a leap into the future, instead of staying stuck in the past.

Designed for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Some models of Worx cordless lawn mowers feature fully collapsible handles so they can be easily stored in small spaces. Comfortable padded grips help you get the job done easily with reduced fatigue. If you stay on top of mowing your lawn frequently, you can let the grass clippings work their way down into your lawn and feed the grass the nutrients it needs to stay green and healthy. If you do less frequent mowing, use the handy bag to collect the grass trimmings for composting or mulching in your garden. Depending on the model, discharge bag capacity ranges from .85 bushels to 2 bushels.

If you’ve ever struggled with an old gas mower to adjust the mowing height with those levers on each wheel, you know how they become increasingly difficult to move as the mower ages. You’ll love how easy it is to achieve six or seven (depending on the specific model) different cutting heights ranging from 1.25 inches up to 4 inches (depending on model) with a single lever.

Our cordless, battery-powered mowers are also designed to be lightweight for maneuverability and are easy to push, ranging from just 29 pounds for our smallest model to only 68 pounds for our largest model.

You can also say goodbye to hauling gas cans around in your vehicle to buy gasoline, which is just one of the many inconveniences that have always made gas lawn mowers a pain in the neck. After all, why torture yourself with a gas lawn mower when you can get higher power without the mess and hassle?

You also won’t have to make the regular trek to a lawn and garden shop for engine maintenance and tune up. The advanced electric motors used in Worx cordless lawn mowers are virtually maintenance free—no gasoline, no oil, no hassles.

Battery-Powered Mowing with Fast-Charging Capability

Five of our cordless lawn mowers are part of the Power Share platform, which means they use the same batteries that also power a variety of other Worx lawn and garden tools. The 14” 40V model (WG779) and the 16” 40V model (WG743) both use dual 20V 4.0Ah removable batteries that can be fully recharged in just an hour, using a dual-port Worx charger, and can cut up to 5,500 square feet on a single charge. Both models come with a thirty-day guarantee and a five-year warranty.

Our top-of-the-line cordless mower models are the WG753 40V 21” cordless lawn mower, and the WG761 80V 21”cordless lawn mower. Both mowers are self-propelled with rear wheel drive and are part of the Worx NITRO family equipped with brushless motors. Both are powered by 5.0Ah high-capacity Power Share PRO intelligent batteries (2 batteries for the 40V WG753 mower, and 4 batteries for the 80V WG761 mower) for extended run times, increased heat and impact protection, and more from every charge. The Worx NITRO cordless lawn mowers come with a thirty-day guarantee and five-year warranty. All Worx batteries come with convenient charge indicators so you can always easily see where you’re at on battery life while working.

How to Buy Worx Cordless Lawn Mowers

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