DIY Alcohol Ink Tile Coasters

3 alcohol inked coasters on wood table3 alcohol inked coasters on wood table

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Place tiles on a protected work surface and add about 4 or five drops of the alcohol ink to each tile. Tip: Keep paper towels close by! Things can get messy!

2. Now for the fun part! Squeeze the blending solution on top of the ink and watch the colors start to blend together like magic!

3. Use the mini blower on the low setting to lightly blow the ink around until happy with the outcome and set aside to dry! There’s really no right or wrong way to do this, play around and enjoy the process! Tip: Keep adding more ink and blending solution if needed until happy with the results!

4. Once dry to the touch, add a coat of sealer to keep the ink vibrant and washable.

5. Measure a piece of felt to match the size of the tile and cut to size using the rotary cutter.

6. Add an even amount of hot glue on the bottom of the coasters and press the felt squares on top of the glue. This will help protect your table top from scratching!

using mini glue gun to glue felt to bottom of coaster

7. Pour yourself a drink and enjoy your gorgeous handmade coasters!

two drinks filled with liquid while one is on ink coaster