Halloween Doormat

sup witches halloween doormat in front of doorsup witches halloween doormat in front of door
  • MAKERX Air Brush (WX742L.9)
  • Cricut Stencil Vinyl or any Pre-Cut Stencil
  • Painters Tape
  • Scissors
  • Plain Coir Doormat
  • Black Airbrush Paint

TOOL TIP: Always test your airbrush spray on a paper towel or scrap paper before using it on your project.

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. First, gather the supplies and prepare the stencil you’d like to use for your door mat. We cut ours with the Cricut using some stencil vinyl.

2. Next, weed and cut any excess vinyl from your stencil.

3. Now, decide on a layout for your mat and figure out where to place your stencil.

Laying stencil on empty doormat

4. Carefully peel the vinyl away from the backing making sure that the stencil doesn’t stick to itself and apply to the mat. (we ended up cutting the stencil into smaller parts to make it easier to peel.

Peeling off stencil from white sticky back paper

5. Once the stencil has been placed onto the mat where you want it, carefully secure it with some painters tape around any edges. This will help to hold the stencil in place and reduce any overspray from getting onto the mat where you don't want it.

Laying blue masking tape around stencil onto dormat

6. Put together your MakerX Airbrush and carefully add some airbrush paint to the reservoir.

Adding paint into airbrush

7. Now, power up the airbrush and check your spray on a piece of scrap paper or a paper towel to make any adjustments needed before applying directly to the mat.

using airbrush to paint the words onto doormat with towel in background

8. Time to paint! Carefully fill in the stencil with the airbrush, making sure to gently press down around the edges to prevent any bleeding (gloves come in handy for this part). 

using airbrush to paint the words onto doormat

9. Once you’ve filled in the stencil well, peel it off to reveal your new custom door mat!

10. We styled ours with a buffalo check rug underneath and some festive pumpkins. Happy Haunting, Witches!