Melted Crayon Ornaments

pink, green, and blue colored ornaments pink, green, and blue colored ornaments

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Peel the paper back from a crayon and cut it into little pieces using a pair of scissors.

2. Remove the cap of the ornament and drop a couple of small pieces of the crayon inside the ornament. Use complementing colors that mix well together. Keep in mind, the more colors you use the muddier it will be. You’ll have a bigger impact using 2-3 colors only.

holding clear ornament

3. Hold the ornament in one hand with heat-resistant gloves or a towel.

4. Turn on the heat gun and wave it in a constant waving motion about 4 inches away from the ornament.

5. Once the crayons begin to melt, start turning the ornament so the colors begin to swirl and coat the inside.

using heat gun to melt crayon inside clear ornament

6. Once the ornament is fully coated, turn off the heat gun and let the ornament cool.

7. Add the cap back on and hang in a tree or simply display.


finished pink, green, blue melted crayon ornaments