Plant Pot

green and white colored plant inside blue potgreen and white colored plant inside blue pot
  • MAKERX Air Brush
  • Plain Plant Pot
  • High-flow Acrylic Paint, or air brush Specific Paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Craft Knife
  • Plant
  • Rocks for Drainage
  • Potting Soil
  • Optional: Gloves, Sealant

Step by step instructions

Painting the Pot

1. If necessary, protect your working surface from overspray.

2. Clean the surface of the pot if needed. If it is a hanging pot, remove the ropes if possible. If not, tape the rope to prevent painting it. 

holding white pot with 3 small holes in it

3. Starting from the bottom of the pot towards the top, begin applying the painters tape to the surface. Be sure to smooth down the tape edges, especially if the pot has a texture. 

pressing blue tape on to white pot

4. Adjustments to the design can be made by carefully cutting away excess tape with a craft knife. 

5. When finished with your design, place the pot upside down on the work surface. 

white pot with blue paint on it sitting on table

6. Following MAKERX Air Brush instructions, load the paint reservoir approximately ⅓ full with the color of your choice.

7. Starting at least 4 inches away from the surface, begin to move the air brush in slow, steady motions, gradually bringing it closer to the pot. Adjust the air and paint flow as needed to create a smooth application of paint.

    1. To change colors, thoroughly exhaust the current color, and rinse the reservoir with water. Add the new color to the reservoir and spray on scrap paper or cardboard until the color sprays true. (For an interesting ombre effect, you can spray directly on the pot, keeping in mind that it’s hard to predict exactly when the paint will change color.)

using worx air brush to apply paint to one side of white pot

8. When dry, flip the pot right side up and spray the edges and at least an inch into the interior of the pot. 

pot right side up on table

9. Let the paint dry completely (overnight is best).

    1. When dry, gently peel the tape away from the pot. 

removing blue masking tape on white pot

10. To further protect the surface, you can apply a sealer to the pot. 

blue teal and white colored pot face down on table

Planting the Pot

1. Layer the rocks on the bottom of the pot for additional drainage.

small rocks sitting into the bottom of pot

2. Fill the post with soil, leaving enough room for the plant’s roots. 

soil added to the bottom of the pot on top of the small rocks

3. Loosen the roots of the plant, and gently tuck it into the soil, pressing gently to secure.

holding and placing the plant into the soil of the pot

4. Optional: cover the top layer of soil with decorative stones, shells, etc. This can help retain moisture. 

top view of plant sitting in the pot and rocks 

Enjoy your new, customized potted plant! 

blue teal and white pot hanging with white background