How to choose the best robot mower (and not regret it)

Every lawn, huge or tiny, deserves the same degree of care.

Unlike competitors that only pile features on their largest and most expensive models, all of our robot mowers include the same unrivaled technology, exclusive features, and are fully customizable.

Demand the best, regardless of size

Not all robotic mowers are created equal

Picking the right size Landroid is easy, customizing one is the fun part. If you’ve trees in your garden, you’d need an obstacle avoidance system. If you’re concerned about theft, look for geo-fencing. Also look for a user-friendly mobile app and the possibility to easily upgrade the software.

Small lawns

Robot mowers do wonders for small gardens

If you think your small lawn isn’t worth the investment, think again. Pushing a mower once a week may not seem like a big deal, but consider this: having a robot mower will not only leave your lawn looking pristine, but in a few weeks, your grass will be denser and greener than ever before, and with way fewer weeds. On top of this, it’s kinder to the environment and far quieter than your traditional mower.

Mid-sized lawns

Robot mowers are not (only) for lazy people

Even if you enjoy mowing the lawn, there can be times when the workload gets the better of you. A robot lawn mower, it will cut your grass, keep weeds under control and give you a lawn that your neighbours will envy. When choosing the best robot mower for your mid-sized lawn, consider features of the layout, such as trees and any narrow passages.

Large lawns

Large areas require specific features

If your garden’s on the large side, chances are that you’re probably using a lawn tractor. And, while it was probably enjoyable the first time around, then it became as boring as people posting their food on Instagram. A robot mower will save you precious time, but unless you want it to work 24/7, choose one with intelligent navigation, a large capacity battery and a fast charger.

0 Sq ft.

If your garden size is on the mini size, you won’t be needing a robot mower.
Rather, take a look at the Worx cordless shear shrubber. It’s ideal for miniature gardens and flowerbeds.

5000 Sq ft.

The robot mower for small gardens

Worx Landroid S(WR165)

Even our smallest robot is fully customizable and comes with all the bells and whistles of its larger models in a design perfectly optimized for small lawns

10,000 Sq ft.

Master of Mid-Size Terrian

Worx Landroid M(WR147)

There’s a good reason why homeowners have chosen the Landroid M as our #1-selling Landroid. Now updated, it comes with even more features.

22,000 Sq ft.

Perfect Choice for rough terrain

Worx Landroid L (WR155)

A larger battery and longer runtime make this model unbeatable for large-sized lawns.

How long will it take to mow my lawn?

AIA navigation technology
Landroid M
4h 30m a day*
* based on real-world DGPS route-tracking test
Conventional random navigation behavior
8h a day

Efficient mowing

Less wear for your turf, more time to enjoy your garden

Run by its patented AIA technology, Landroid efficiently navigates your lawn with confidence and will be resting in its charging station while conventional random navigation robots are still wandering around half-trimmed lawns. Landroid simply steers each time it reaches a border; the same as you’d expect of a robot. Other random navigation mowers repeatedly stop, reverse, stop, turn, move forward, before eventually finding the right path, Eventually. With the Landroid, less working time means fewer passes, so less wear for your turf. Ultimately, you can spend more time enjoying your garden, and less time worrying about its maintenance.

Unparalleled agility

Complex lawns mastered

Worx Landroid always finds its way through narrow passages, without requiring you to lay down a guide wire. Even better, it mows the whole passage and not just the path above the wire.

Cutting edge edge cut

Reduce your grass trimming load.

One gripe that we often hear from robot mower owners is having to manually cut the edges or borders that typical robot mowers can’t reach. We’ve addressed this issue by offsetting Landroid’s cutting disc, moving it as close as possible to the edge*.

* available on select models

The intelligent robotic grass care system

Neighbor’s grass always greener? Not anymore

With algorithms developed by top grass scientists, Landroid adapts to the ever-changing conditions that influence grass growth, such as temperature, sun radiation, rainfall and nutrition. These factors are applied to the specificity of your grass species and soil composition. The results are then delivered daily to each individual Landroid through the Noesis™ cloud computing network. There’s no guesswork here, just pure science.

Specific to your grass

Different species, different growth

Differences in growth rate between grass species can be substantial. This is why it’s important for Landroid to know which species it’s dealing with. If you’ve no clue of what grass type you have, the app switches on your botanical brain, by helping you to figure it out.

Specific to your soil

Soil texture matters

Water supply plays an important role in grass health and growth. But, did you know that soil texture also plays a part? The proportion of sand, silt and clay affects the ground’s water holding capacity. Unsure of what soil type you have? The app will take you through an easy experiment to help you work it out.

Specific to your minerals

Supplementing your grass? Let Landroid know

A balanced intake of mineral nutrients will support the growth of your grass. Healthy grass grows faster, and your mowing schedule should be a testament of this. Let Landroid know, so that the Noesis™ algorithm will factor this information in as well as fine tune your Landroid’s mowing cycles accordingly.

Uneven made even

A floating deck to stick to rough terrains.

If your lawn isn’t as flat as a pancake, your robot mower will most likely have to deal with a few bumpy patches. Landroid’s new self-leveling cutting deck automatically adjusts the blade’s height to match the natural unevenness found in most lawns.
Not only does this prevent the blade disc from scalping your turf, but it also prevents the blades from hitting fallen branches.

Future-proof your investment.

Obsolescence is a thing of the past.

Robot mowers don’t come cheap. But, instead of having to fork out on a new model every few years, we’ve got a smarter solution. Just like your smartphone, new software is seamlessly delivered to your Landroid via automatic over-the-air updates. So it’s bye-bye to spending, and hello to sustainable living.

A robot mower with power to share

Do it all with the same battery.

Landroid is powered by the same long-lasting, high performance Power ShareTM battery that equips all Worx cordless tools.
Need to blow some leaves from your yard? Time to fix your fence with a drill-driver? Take the Worx PowerShare battery from the mower, snap it onto the tool you need, and you’re good to go.

Make Landroid your Landroid

The only modular robot grass cutter system

Customization makes Landroid truly unique.
All Landroid robot grass cutters are designed to be adapted to your individual needs through the use of four modular options.

ACS (Anti-Collision System)

The gift of sight

The only robot mower with self-driving capability.

Gone are the days when robotic lawn mowers would rebound off trees and onto other obstacles. Landroid’s Anti Collision System (ACS) module option features ultrasonic obstacle recognition to dodge tree trunks, furniture and objects left on the lawn with ease.


Boundless connectivity

Get the best out of Landroid’s ecosystem.

Landroid relies on cloud computing to get weather information and software updates, but home Wi-Fi networks normally only cover a fraction of the garden area. The RadioLink module option establishes a peer-to-peer dedicated radio connection between your Wi-Fi router and the robot, and stretches as far as 500 metres.

Find my Landroid

Protect your valuable from theft

Theft protection and data connectivity in one module.

Put any security concerns to rest with the Find My Landroid module option. It allows you stop the Landroid from operating, and even track it down if someone decides to nab it from your garden. An additional perk, the module connects Landroid to the internet even if you lack Wi-Fi.


Simplify installation and reworks

Keep the robot out of existing and future no-go areas.

New trampoline? Freshly planted flower bed? This would require you to surround the new features with wire connected to the powered perimeter cable. With the Off-Limits option module on board, just drop the invisible fence around your lawn’s existing and future features.

Don’t take our word for it

Shining reviews, satisfied customers
Shining reviews, satisfied customers

I am amazed. - Landroid L

I have only had it a couple weeks, but I am blown away by how awesome this thing is. It quietly goes about it's cutting all day long....

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Somedanny - Massachusetts

Best investment you can make!!! - Landroid L

The Landroid L is probably the best money and time saving investment you can make for your lawncare. Landroid or as my kids refer to it now as a “Giant Robot” will save you time from mowing your lawn every week....

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Hmirza - Illinois

Great cutter with more features for the price - Landroid M

Used this for 2 weeks and it has worked flawlessly nice cut job - gps feature and phone app is awesome.....

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The Charlie - Michigan

Game changer! - Landroid M

For the first time in close to 20 years of being a homeowner, I am no longer in the grass mowing game.......

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Doug F - North Carolina

The Future - Landroid L

I'm lazy. But I enjoy a big lawn and love the outdoors. It's like this little buddy was made for me....

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DeLorean - Toronto, Ontario

Any question about Landroid?
Our experts got it covered.

What’s involved in standard installation?

Analyze your lawn which may include using the lawn size calculator on the Landroid app. Determine where to place boundary wire and which islands (beds or trees) boundary wire…

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What is the Landroid app?

The Worx Landroid app is a free app that you can download from the play store or app store. It keeps you and your Landroid always connected. The Worx Landroid app…

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How to lay down the boundary wire

Boundary wire is necessary to create a working area for your Landroid. Landroid will only operate within a boundary that is created by the boundary wire…

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How does Landroid handle obstacles?

Landroid handles larger obstacles by bumping into them and turning around. The Anti-Collision System (ACS)accessory is available as an add-on to help your Landroid…

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How long does it mow on one charge?

Mow time can vary drastically, due to several factors including your terrain, slopes, and the number of obstacles it must navigate around in your lawn. The amount of time it can…

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Will my Landroid need regular maintenance?

Landroid needs very minor maintenance. It’s mostly common sense in taking care of your valuable new product:
Keep its body and…

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Uneven lawns

At home even on the slopes.

Landroid’s advanced inertia sensing technology provide real-time information on drift, inclination and speed to accurately control the wheels’ torque. Uphill and down.

All-weather design

Survives everything the sky dishes out.

Landroid is happy to be outside with any weather. But when it rains, it knows mowing could damage your turf, so it stops and doesn’t start until the grass has dried*.

* This feature can be disabled via app
Cutting height adjustment

As long as you want it.

Grass length depends on weather conditions and your preference. Adjusting Landroid’s cutting height to your favorite length is as easy as turning a dial.

Safety first

Trust the robot.

The blade disk stops spinning immediately if the robot gets lifted off the ground.

Quieter neighborhoods

The sound of silence.

Gas mowers can get as loud as 100dB and require ear protection. Worx Landroid is so quiet your neighbors will never complain.

Kick the clutter

Stealth charging station.

Virtually invisible, the sleek charging station of the new Landroid sits on a grid that allows grass to grow through it.

Key features and specifications

Landroid S
Landroid M
Landroid L
Acre1/8 Acre, 5,445 Sq Ft.​1/4 Acre, 10,890 Sq Ft.​1/2 Acre, 21,780 Sq Ft.​
Battery Amp Hours2.0Ah​4.0Ah​6.0Ah​
Cutting Height1.5”-3.5”​1.5”-3.5”​1.5”-3.5”​
Cutting Width7”​8”​8”​
Wifi / Bluetooth   
Obstacle AvoidanceWheel Torque​Bump Sensor​Bump Sensor​
Floating Blade   
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