Mini Styrofoam Snow Cone Magnets

styrofoam snow cone magnetsstyrofoam snow cone magnets

Step-by-Step Instructions

Tool Tip

Before airbrushing, test and practice on a scrap piece paper.


1. Stick a styrofoam ball into a skewer so that it is easier to hold while airbrushing. Use a piece of tin tape to create a centerline. 

2. Load the paint reservoir of the airbrush approximately ⅓ full with the red airbrush paint. Test the airbrush on a scrap piece of paper before applying to the styrofoam ball and adjust as needed. Hold the skewer and begin airbrushing one side of the styrofoam ball until there’s a light layer of red.

air brushed red paint to half of foam ball
3. Empty out any remaining red paint and add the blue color into the reservoir. Spray it on a piece of scrap paper until the red runs out and it is the correct blue color. Repeat the steps until the other side has a light layer of blue.

air brushed blue paint to other half of foam ball
4. Remove the center tape to reveal a red, white and blue snow cone. Lightly cover the ball with craft glue and add a light coat of glitter.

covering the red, white and blue foam ball with glitter
5. Use the rotary cutter to cut the paper into a cone shape and glue in place. It should be large enough that the ball can fit in the top nicely. Tip: Trace a plate onto the paper to use as a cone template.

6. Use the glue gun to glue the cone together and the styrofoam ball into the cone. Hot glue a magnet to the back of the cone to make it a magnet!