Configurable to your needs.

Landroid Modules

FiatLux LED headlight WA0711

Shine a light over your lawn and let Vision mow at night without hurting nocturnal animals.

Find my Landroid Vision WA0852

Vision-specific, always connected, anti-theft module. Not compatible with other Landroid models.

Landroid Modules

ACS Anti Collision System WA0860

Intelligently recognize obstacles

Off Limits virtual fence 2.0 WA0892

The newest version of the Off Limits module, now featuring a twin-sensor system for steering the robot mower at the limit.

RadioLink WA0864

Providing a contant connection to your router, bypassing the hassle of pairing and Wi-Fi passwords.

Find my Landroid WA0862

Optimal theft protection. Secure, trackable and connected. Not compatible with Landroid Vision.

Landroid Garage WA0810

Installs easily and fits perfectly over the Landroid charging base to protect from the elements.