Want Greener Grass? Turn on a Robot Mower 

Having a green thumb isn’t just a nice-to-have for everyday homeownership, apparently it’s more deeply rooted in our identities.
But for some of us, the more we try—fertilizing, aerating, watering in the early morning—we never see the same results as what we see on YouTube.  
Enter the robotic lawn mower

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UGC Landroid

WORX: Landroid M Hands-On Review

After a season using Landroid M, I was impressed by several elements. It handled my yard surprisingly well, especially considering the mix of grass types (Bermuda, centipede, and tall fescue) and steep slope in a couple of spots. The brushless motor is both efficient and extremely quiet – I could not hear it operating while I was working in a different part of the yard 75 feet away. I also like that it uses an easy to replace 20V Power Share battery, which should last at least 500 charge cycles before it needs to be replaced.

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Pinching plants

Pinching Annual Plants for Better Growth

It can be difficult to convince ourselves to pinch annual bedding plants, especially when they look perfectly healthy. But a snip early in the growing season can reap rewards the rest of the year. Pinching involves removing the growing tips of young shoots to promote branching.

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Planting flower beds

How to Arrange Plants in a Flower Bed

How do you arrange plants in a flower bed to create cohesion instead of chaos?
To answer this question, it helps to look at nature. In natural habitats, plants tend to grow in drifts or clusters, with one group of plants weaving and mingling with the next. Here is how.

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Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen Shrubs for Sunny Locations

Evergreen shrubs provide year-round structure and color to the garden. Designers think of them as the backbone of a planting, providing form and interest even when the rest of the garden is dormant. In sunny gardens, it is easy to overlook evergreen foliage in favor of flowering perennials and deciduous shrubs. Of course, many evergreen shrubs also bloom. The following evergreen shrubs for sunny locations will help you create a garden that looks good no matter the time of year.

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