7 Signs You Are Totally Ready for a Robot Lawn Mower

Are you ready? 

You may have seen them while passing by your neighbor’s home that is adorned with solar panels and a Tesla in the driveway. Robotic mowers, that is.

Yes, they are a thing. They are coming to a lawn near you in 2024. Here’s why:

1 You Are Super Time Pressed

The battle for time has always been epic, but Americans are searching for “how to save time” more than any other time in the history on Google (going back to 2004). This is the rationale behind Worx Landroid and Worx Landroid Vision: its users report saving at least two hours per week when in season, according to My Take, an independent research agency, conducted on 250 robotic lawn mower owners in 2023.

For some owners, this can be as much as 6 hours per week with warm season grasses—like Bermuda—that need to be cut three times a week.

In a way, automation around the home isn’t entirely new: robotic vacuums, laundry machines, dishwashers, microwaves, garage door openers—all of it has made life a little bit easier.

Robot mowers, like Worx suite of robotics, are about to change a major portion of everyday life.

  1. You Want Carpet-Like Grass Everyday—Not Just on the Weekends

Here’s what makes robotic mowers unique—and really cool—you can run them everyday, several times a day. About seven in 10 robot mower owners run their Landroids daily—as it was intended. They are maintenance machines, and not intended for hacking tall grass.

But make no mistake: these machines give lawn snobs what they want—crisp, cropped grass—without the pent-up anxiety of a Saturday playing catch up. With robot mowers, you can pop in your air buds, fire up a podcast and begin edging the yard once a week.

3 You Can’t Stand the Humidity



You know that audible gasp. The one where you feel a bolt of air conditioning after pushing around a 70-pound mower for an hour in the July sun. It’s that moment when you finally step inside with clothing pasted to your skin.

People searching about humidity hit an all time high in the Summer of 2023, and about 68% of robotic lawn mower owners said the top reason for their purchase was to avoid the summer heat. Aside from the obvious comforts of getting other stuff done around the house than mowing, avoiding the heat is seriously smart.

In 2023, emergency rooms bore the brunt of heat waves throughout the country. OSHA recommends landscapers monitor their health in extreme heat as it can lead to heat stroke, heat cramps and other health risks.

4 You Want to Relax on Saturdays


It’s one thing if you have to get up and cut the grass yourself, it’s another when your neighbor fires up his four-stroke at 8 a.m. before you’ve had your Starbucks. The Worx Landroid and Landroid VISION are whisper quiet.

No seriously, hit play above.

Robot mowers like Landroid cut with mini razor blades that put micro-nutrients in the grass. It’s so quiet, it can be run at night, on schedule, safely.

  1. You Live in a Large Suburb or Even a Rural Community

In Europe, robotic mowers are popular because of the small lawn size and convenience. In the U.S., quite the opposite: more homeowners are turning to robotic lawnmowers. Research shows us that two-thirds of robotic mower owners have mid-large size lawns in the suburbs or rural areas.

Most of them live in the Southern portion of the U.S.

  1. You Already Love Smart Home Products

If you’ve already geeked on smart thermostats, smart door bells, smart speakers or smart robotic vacuums, you’ll probably love having your lawn automated. No seriously.

About 55% of robotic mower owners previously owned a robot vacuum. This is compared to just 20% of the general population, according to NPD group.

One more consideration: it looks like Smart Home products are starting to live up to their promise: make life a little easier.  My Take 2024 research shows about 78% of Millennials feel “Smart Home products have improved my life for the better.”

  1. You Are Starting to Favor Battery Over Gas

A lot of first-time buyers of robot mowers are usually transitioning away from their gas mower. This is because they are investing in battery outdoor power equipment. Worx Power Share is one of the most flexible battery platforms there is, Same Battery Expandable Power.

The advancements in lithium battery technology have forever changed the outdoor power equipment landscape. Looking above, you can see that people across the U.S. are looking for electric mowers more than gas mowers.

This means:

  •  No more gas station runs in the middle of a 90-degree scorcher as your push mower runs out of fuel.
  • You don’t have to ingest dangerous fumes—many of which been linked to breathing problems, mental health issues and even reproductive challenges. According to the EPA, gas mowers can put as much pollution in the air as cars driven for 100 miles. That’s right: 100 miles worth of fumes.

The Worx Landroid and Landroid VISION are part of the Powershare 20V system that lets you use the same battery to power a drill, saw, stick vac, leaf blower, string trimmer or even a 40v push mower for tougher jobs. It’s easy to see how chores and yardwork will be entirely driven by battery power for homeowners worldwide.

As Alan Kay, the famed computer scientist once said:

“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.”

In just a few years, we may never see a chore done around the home without battery power.

7 Signs You Are Totally Ready for a Robot Lawn Mower
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7 Signs You Are Totally Ready for a Robot Lawn Mower
Robot Lawn Mowers are coming to a lawn near you in 2024, are you ready? Here are 7 signs you are ready to save time with a Robot Lawn Mower.
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