Kimberly Button used to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivities too. She fixed what conventional medicine couldn’t for her by focusing on cleaning up her home and living environment. She is a certified Well AP, and has a successful blog that talks about all things related to the home and clean living, and is also a green living expert, professional journalist, author, TV correspondent, speaker, and editor. She loves to garden, and recently published an article on her blog “Get Green Be Well” naming the best gifts for gardeners. One of those items? The WORX Aerocart!

How to Use Your WORX Aerocart 9

“…with the WORX Aerocart, I’m able to do more in the garden without injuring myself. It is a multipurpose garden tool that can also be used for other purposes around the home.”

Kimberly shares the ease of assembly, and many of the other uses for outside the garden for the Aerocart too! She also shares that she isn’t the only family member who enjoys using the WORX Aerocart!

“When I’m not using it, my husband uses it for hauling firewood. Or as a dolly for moving boxes and heavy items around the home.”

How to Use Your WORX Aerocart 3

Kimberly calls the Aerocart a “great family gift” and even took the time to post a video on her page too!

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