Worx Landroid Mobile App Launches New Features!

Worx Landroid Mobile App Is All New… And Improved!

The Worx Landroid robotic mower is making it even easier to mow your lawn with its newly released mobile app features.
The Landroid has taken the guesswork out of lawn mowing, giving you that extra time to spend with your friends and family and not have to worry about mowing the lawn. We have just released even more features to the mobile app!

Edge Routine, Party Mode, and One Time Schedule 

Edge Routine

Looking to trim the edges and not a full cut? The newly released “Edge Routine” sends the robotic mower out to cut along the perimeter of your lawn.

Party Mode

Enjoying some outside time with the family or maybe a small gathering? “Party Mode” suspends the Landroid cutting schedule.

One Time Schedule

The “One Time Scheduled Mow” will send out your Landroid at a specific time you are looking for.

New “My Lawn” Section For Smart Auto – Scheduling 

After sliding the “Auto Schedule” button to “ON”, you are able to fill out the other information.  Categories like grass species (US grass species still coming in an upcoming update), soil type, etc. will help Landroid determine the best scheduled mowing for your lawn type.
For Example if you regularly fertilize your yard, checking the nutrition slider will let Landroid know that it needs to adjust mowing frequency based on the faster growth rate of your grass.

Counter Reset For Blade Replacements

You can now reset your Blade Work Time counter.
This is helpful because you are able to more accurately track when you should replace your blades, taking out any guesswork.

Don’t have a Landroid yet? Take a look at what you are missing! 

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Worx Landroid Mobile App Launches New Features
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Worx Landroid Mobile App Launches New Features
Worx Landroid has launched new mobile app features, making it even easier to customize your robotic mower.
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