Men’s Health: Worx Mulcher on List of “99 Best Tools for Men”

Men’s Health recognized the WORX 13.0 Electric Leaf Mulcher as one of the “99 Best Tools for Men.” The WORX mulcher features a powerful 13.0 Amp motor mulches quickly & quietly, turning 11 bags of leaves into 1! Here’s what Men’s Health had to say (slide 71):

“Every fall, most leaf piles are destined for the landfill. This quiet electric mulcher gives you an appealing second option, converting yard waste into a rich fertilizer for a garden or flowerbed. And even if tending to the soil isn’t your thing, you can still make life easier for the garbage man: The mulcher can reduce 53 gallons of leaves and grass to 1/11 of its original size in under a minute.”

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