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Landroid will be at your fingertips, any time and wherever you are.
The Landroid App helps you get the best lawn care experience from your new mower.
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What does the Landroid app do?
The Landroid app lets you calculate your lawn size, control your Landroid remotely, adjust the mowing schedule…the list goes on.
Mow on Command
Control your mower from anywhere, at any time.
Set mowing Schedule
Readjust Landroid’s auto-mowing schedule as needed.
Lawn Size Calculator
Measure your yard with the lawn calculator.
Rain Delay
Landroid will not mow when it is raining, and will go into rain delay.
Firmware Update
Get notified and download the latest software updates.
Landroid Statistics
See how Landroid has been performing in real time.
Setting and Notifications
Get alerts when Landroid needs your attention.
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