A Guide to Low Maintenance Yard Care (Yes, We Said Low)

Most people want a nice looking yard but they think it will require a ton of time sweating and getting dirty doing yard maintenance that never ends. They think of yard work like pulling weeds and trimming branches, and it can seem like achieving an attractive yard will take too much time and effort. 

If you want a yard that looks good but does not require a lot of landscape maintenance, you need to plan for an easy to maintain outdoor space. With a little bit of planning and the right outdoor equipment, you can maintain a yard that looks good without having to spend a ton of time or effort on lawn care. 

Work With Your Yard, Not Against It

Instead of adapting the conditions of your yard to your landscaping, you should adapt your landscaping to the conditions of your yard. Check the USDA plant hardiness zone for where you live to find plants that will work well for your climate. You should also test your soil to find plants that will work well with the natural balance. If you pick plants that are well-suited to the conditions, it will allow you to grow healthy plants that won’t require as much maintenance.

Shrink Your Lawn

Maintaining a grass lawn adds a lot of work to yard maintenance. You don’t have to get rid of all of your grass, but you can save time on things like watering, fertilizing and mowing if you limit the amount of grass cover in your yard. 

Build paths in your yard so there is less traffic on the grass you have. You could also consider building a patio or other hardscape features to reduce the area covered by grass. You also have options like laying mulch or stone to create a grass-free yard. These ideas can save time on landscape maintenance and yard clean up. 

Use Outdoor Power Equipment 

Electric lawn equipment can save a lot of time and effort on yard cleaning and maintenance. Using a cordless hedge trimmer will allow you to do the work of trimming hedges and shrubs in less time than it would take to do the work by hand. Using a leaf blower can be a good way to save time on raking and yard cleaning. 

The TRIVAC 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Yard Vacuum can be one of the most useful pieces of outdoor equipment. It can easily clear leaves and other debris from your yard and it has a vacuum feature for easy cleanup. You can also use it to mulch leaves if you want to use them for fertilizer.

Mow to the Right Height

If you are going to keep grass in your yard, you want to make sure you are mowing to the right height. When you mow to the right height, it helps you grow a stronger lawn that will be healthier and more resistant to weeds. With that said, the correct mowing height depends on the type of grass and the conditions in your yard. 

Along with cutting at the right height, consider switching to a cordless electric lawn mower. They require less maintenance than gas-powered models and they are usually easier to use. Switching to something like the 40V 4.0 Ah 14” Lawn Mower with Mulching and Intellicut will do a lot to save time on lawn maintenance.

Automate Yard Maintenance

If you want to spend less time on yard clean up, automate some of the tasks. Automated watering is one way to save some of the time you would spend on lawn maintenance, but if you really want to take the work out of yard care, the WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower is the ultimate piece of lawn equipment. 

With Landroid, you have a robot that will manage mowing the lawn without you having to do much of anything. It can make its own schedule based on the size of your lawn and it uses an advanced algorithm to navigate your yard. You won’t find many tools that make having a nice lawn this easy.

The key to low-maintenance landscaping is thinking ahead. You just need to design a lawn that will require less maintenance and use outdoor tools that can make yard work easier.

A Guide to Low Maintenance Yard Care (Yes, We Said Low)
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A Guide to Low Maintenance Yard Care (Yes, We Said Low)
Yard care can seem daunting. See how planning and the right outdoor equipment can minimize time and effort on lawn care. 
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