10 Reasons to Check out the New WORX TURBINE FUSION

by Kim Toscano

  1. Autumn has finally arrived. Gentlemen, start your engines.
  2. Your neighbor sets 24 bags of leaves on the curb. You set out just 1. TURBINE FUSION two-stage mulching system. You do the math.
  3. With air speeds up to 60 mph you just might be blown away by the force of TURBINE FUSION. Certainly, your leaves will be.
  4. It’s the quickest way to manage autumn leaves. Or sweep the patio, dust the workshop, clean the garage…endless possibilities.
  5. Turn fallen leaves into next year’s fertilizer. Mix the fine mulch produced by TURBINE FUSION into your compost pile.
  6. Put pea gravel in its place. The powerful TURBINE FUSION blower makes it easy to tidy pathways and patios.
  7. TURBINE FUSION two-stage mulching system pulverizes leaves into fine mulch perfect for top-dressing flower beds to build healthy soil.
  8. Avoid back pain from raking leaves. Go electric. TURBINE FUSION leaf blower, mulcher & vacuum. No more twisting and bending.
  9. Go from powerful leaf blower to mulching yard vacuum in seconds. Just flip and click. – No tools required.
  10. To wrap your hands around TURBINE FUSION jet engine technology. Feel the power.

Check out the new TURBINE FUSION and the other blowers in the WORX TURBINE line-up at worx.com