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Featuring a Pencil-like Grip + Brushless Motor Power

Dremel® , Dremel, Dremel, all you ever hear is Dremel. You know that Dremel is just a brand name, right? Like Kleenex is to tissues and Band-Aid is to bandages. Not all rotary tool kits are Dremels. Some are even better than Dremels. Some are thinner, so you can perform more intricate movements and detailed designs. Some cordless rotary tools have just as much power as larger rotary tools, despite their compact design. Some (I’m talking about the MAKERX Rotary Tool Kit, btw) are brand new and were made to the specifications of the maker, hobby, and crafting communities. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the MAKERX Dremel (dang it, I mean Rotary Tool) and find out why you’re going to want one.

A Rotary Tool with a Micro-Ergonomic Design

It doesn’t look thinner just because it’s dressed in black. It really is thin enough to grasp like a pencil. And like a pencil, you can write hand-written messages with it. This cordless rotary tool is narrow enough to engrave with in cursive. So if you want to make a personal message in your very own unique script, a hobby tool shaped like a pen is the way to go. Engrave an inspirational message into some wood for your youngin’ to take with them to college. Or etch your best friend’s initials into a wine glass. But it’s not just for writing. This rotary multitool has so many advantages due to its mini design.

Sand and polish every little nook and cranny. Orbital disc sanders are great, but even with attachments, they’re too big to get into the smallest corners. This rotary tool kit comes with an assortment of bits, wheels, and accessories, so even the most oddly shaped materials, like a log, for instance, or bumpy metal, can be sanded and polished. It can do work that really no other hobby tool can do. Other types of sanders will take off more material than you would like. This rotary tool is going to give your projects a professional-level finish that you can be proud of, to show off to friends, online, or at trade shows.

Some rotary tool kits from other brands have flexible shaft attachments that are driven by a main rotary multitool to achieve similar results as the MAKERX Cordless Rotary Tool. But putting an attachment on top of an attachment makes that hobby tool bulky, which defeats the whole purpose. You’re looking at getting a slim, cordless rotary tool for a reason—so you don’t have to be plugged into the wall, while having the dexterity to address the tiniest details. MAKERX lets you do that.

A Compact Brushless Motor

Lest you think a hobby tool this thin is going to wimp out on power, let me dissuade you from that notion. Thanks to its powerful, compact brushless motor, this cordless rotary tool reaches speeds up to 35,000 RPM. That’s as fast as any other cordless rotary tool on the market. And you can adjust that speed right on the Hub, so you can slow it down for drilling jobs, go full-speed for engraving, and find the right speed for everything in-between. The compact brushless motor packed into this rotary tool kit offers a longer runtime and more power over non-brushless motors. They’re also more reliable, run quieter, and last longer. Trust us, you want a rotary multitool with a brushless motor if performance and efficiency are important to you. Oh, they are? We thought they might be, that’s why we made sure to fit one in.

As long as we’re talking about power, this rotary tool kit runs on the Hub and its 20V Power Share rechargeable battery. You just need one Hub to operate every MAKERX tool in the collection. The Hub is small and truly portable. So you can take it with you and set it down anywhere. So you can work anywhere. And its 4 ft. flexible cord lets you move freely around the project. Because you’re not plugged into the wall, you won’t trip, and you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet every time you’re ready to work.

Universal Fit Rotary Tool Kit

Our rotary tool kit plays nice with other brands, even Dremels. The bits, wheels, and accessories of other brands fit the MAKERX rotary tool, and vice versa. This way, if you already have some bits from an older rotary tool kit, you can still use them. Or if you have another brand of hobby tool at the beach house, the accessories that come with this rotary tool kit will work with that one, too. The MAKERX Cordless Rotary Tool is fitted with the common collet size of 1/8”, and can work with all standard collet sizes. That’s why it accepts the bits and accessories of all the major brand’s rotary multitools.

A Rotary Tool That’s Easier on Your Hands

For some, the best part about this cordless rotary tool is that the slim profile makes it more comfortable to use for long stretches. Because this hobby tool is easier to hold, there’s less strain on your hands. And the rubber grip gives you good, sticky control without having to apply much pressure. You can craft all day with fewer cramps in your hands. And your wrists, arms, and back will appreciate the design of this tool, too.

So there you have it. That’s the MAKERX Rotary Tool in all its micro-ergonomically designed and brushless motor glory. That unique combination makes it a fine cordless rotary tool for engraving glass, wood, and metal with incredible detail, while still having the power to cut off nail heads, clean out grout, and grind rust off rails. Whether you call yourself a crafter, maker, hobbyist, or all three, you need a rotary multitool that can do it all. You might as well get one engineered for intricate work, too. Just remember, not all rotary tool kits are called Dremels, some are made with more detail.

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