Are you the type of person who struggles to come up with gift ideas for friends and family during the holiday season? Don’t worry if so. Thinking of holiday and Christmas gift ideas doesn’t have to be nearly as daunting as you imagine it to be. A good gifting rule of thumb is: the best holiday and Christmas gifts are often those that the recipient will find genuinely useful.

Of course, you can always consult our complete 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the perfect gift ideas for any homeowner. The following are just a few items that many people on your Christmas 2020 list will be very happy to receive!

Tool Bag

Is someone for whom you’re buying gifts a DIY enthusiast? Or, does their job often involve working with a range of tools?

If so, consider buying them a durable tool bag with both interior and exterior pockets. Worx offers both standard size tool bags and a larger tool bag for someone with an extensive collection of tools. Either one would be a perfect gift!


A flashlight is another item that would surely please a DIY fan on your list. That said, even if someone doesn’t tackle DIY projects that often, a flashlight can be useful in a wide range of situations.

Just make sure you understand that not all flashlights are built the same. For example, the  Worx 20V Power Share Multi-Function LED Flashlight doesn’t merely serve as a standard flashlight. It can also function as a 360 degree lantern, desk lamp (with both high and low settings), and an emergency light. Additionally, thanks to its telescoping design, storing it is very easy.

Cordless Drill

Again, when brainstorming holiday gift ideas, you should prioritize giving gifts that will be useful in very practical ways. If a gift is one that will be useful to someone for years to come, even better.

Consider the Worx Switchdriver Cordless Drill with a 67 piece kit. Any homeowner knows that a drill is a necessity. However, a cordless drill simply offers a degree of convenience that others don’t, making this item particularly helpful. Add in the fact that the Switchdriver has dual rotating chucks so the user can switch from drill to driver in less than a second, and this gift idea is a no-brainer for any homeowner. 

Worx also offers the perfect holiday gift if you think someone on your list might need both a new drill and a new saw. Instead, you can buy them the kit featuring both the cordless drill and jigsaw with flex light. Thanks to the jigsaw’s variable speed, it can cut a wide variety of materials. The flex light also helps someone complete projects in what would otherwise be low-light conditions.

Or, you could opt for the drill and reciprocating saw kit. This saw boasts a pendulum function for optimal cutting efficiency.

Keep these points in mind even if someone for whom you’re buying holiday gifts technically already has tools like these. Once more, some tools are simply more functional than others. Someone tired of using the same inconvenient tools would be thrilled to receive major upgrades like these.

They’ll also appreciate that you put real thought into what you purchased for them. When you give someone a gift that’s actually helpful, you’re letting them know you didn’t just buy something to quickly cross one more name off your list!