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1" Landroid Replacement Cutting Blade, 12 Piece Blade Kit with Screws

3 Year Warranty
30 Day Guarantee
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  • 1" Replacement cutting blade kit includes 12 pieces of blades and installation screws. Fits: WG794, WR140, WR150
  • Two-sided blades with dual cutting edges.
  • Rotatable blades extend the life of your Landroid and improve its performance.
  • Includes 12 installation screws.
Blade Length
Compatible With
(12) - 1" Replacement Cutting Blade
(12) - Installation Screws

These replacement blades are additional component pieces for the Worx Landroid. Keep extras on hand so that when your blades stop performing at optimum levels, you can easily replace them and get your Landroid back to work maintaining your lawn for you. Extra screws mean you never lose important pieces when you need them most.

The blades are 1” long. The longevity of the blade can depend on a variety of factors, like how often your Landroid cuts, the average weather/moisture of the area, but each blade has two cutting surfaces. When you notice a decline in cutting performance, you can flip the blades over and use the other cutting side before replacing it! If your Landroid is programmed to cut every day, you may want to flip or change your blades once a month.

They are both replacement blade kits that include (12) 1” blades and replacement screws for the Landroid.

For your safety, wear gloves while working with the Landroid blades. First, turn off your Landroid and flip it over. Remove the battery cover and remove the battery. Remove the screws holding the blades in place. Attach the new blades and tighten the screws. This kit comes with additional in case you lose any while changing the blades. Re-insert the battery and secure the battery cover. Make sure the blade and blade disc move freely.

NOTE: Whenever you replace one blade, be sure to replace ALL the blades.

Carefully review your Landroid’s owner’s manual for all safety information and guidelines. Follow safety precautions while using any tools or changing the blades – including wearing safety eyewear, gloves, appropriate shoes & clothing, and keeping hair tied back. See the owner’s manual for complete safety instructions and details.

If you decide the Landroid Replacement Blade Kit with Screws isn’t right for you, we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee from date of receipt (less shipping and handling).  View more information here.

Parts subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by the tool’s warranty. View more information on our warranty here.

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