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Yard Carts

The WORX Aerocart takes multi-use to new levels. The full range of included and additional accessories let you lift and carry mulch, firewood, potted plants, and more.

WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow WG050 carrying around wood and sticksWORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow WG050 carrying around wood and sticks
icon of a two-wheeled yard cart/wheelbarrow

Two-Wheel Yard Carts & Wheelbarrows

Depending on the job, hauling stuff might require a wheelbarrow, yard cart, dolly, or wagon. The Worx Aerocart takes multi-use to new levels and combines all this equipment in a single package. Lift and carry mulch, firewood, potted plants, stones, and more with ease.

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The Ultimate in Multifunctional Lifting and Moving

Yardwork, gardening, and a variety of other household chores inevitably require moving things around. Wheelbarrows, yard carts, garden carts, and dollies all serve different kinds of lifting and moving needs. But that’s a lot of equipment to work with.

With the Worx Aerocart, you gain complete flexibility with one multi-functional cart.

We’re always looking for ways to get more work out of fewer tools, and the Aerocart is one of the most innovative designs you’ll find anywhere. In fact, it’s been named the best two-wheel wheelbarrow by Better Homes & Gardens and has been featured for its “multifunction genius” in Popular Science, Country Life, and Popular Mechanics.

A 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow Like No Other

Most wheelbarrows were a single-wheel design for the longest time. As anyone who has ever used the old one-wheeled wheelbarrow knows, it’s too easy to load it up and only to have it tip over and spill out all over the place once you start moving. 

So that’s where we started. We built it with added stability that comes with a two-wheel wheelbarrow design. The Aerocart will never tip over like the one-wheeled design.

Next, our engineers developed a patented design that adjusts the center of gravity to make fully-loaded movement as easy and balanced as possible. Thanks to the innovative Turbo Lift design, a 200-pound wheelbarrow load feels like only 17 pounds. The maximum weight capacity of the Aerocart is 300 pounds, but you won’t feel it when you use it.

Yes, we could have stopped there and been satisfied with a great design. 

But we went even further. The wheels feature flat-free tires that never need inflating and deliver a consistently smooth ride. Also, while most wheelbarrows have fixed rear legs, the Aerocart’s conveniently fold away when not needed.

And we didn’t even stop there.

Additional Functions Through Design Features and Accessories

With the two-wheel wheelbarrow functionality achieved, we started looking at additional functions we could pack into one tool. By modifying the wheelbarrow design, creating innovative features and accessories, we made the basic Aerocart serve all functions to expand the range of lifting and moving tasks homeowners could accomplish with a single piece of equipment.

  • Dolly :Every other dolly or hand truck has two wheels. We realized all we had to do was add the ledge plate into the design to turn the Aerocart into a dolly. The ledge plate folds away conveniently when not needed. When used as a dolly, the maximum weight capacity remains at 300 pounds. 
  • Cylinders: When using the Aerocart as a dolly, sometimes you’ll want to be moving cylinder-shaped items such as water cooler bottles or propane tanks. Crossing uneven ground with a cylindrical load could make the bottle or tank roll off the side of most dollies. Aerocart’s easy fix are cylinder holders that attach anywhere along either side of the Aerocart to ensure cylindrical items stay put.
  • Extension: The standard ledge plate on most dollies or hand trucks can’t handle wide items that extend too far. With Aerocart, we’ve solved this problem with a foldout bar that extends ledge plate capacity as much as you’ll ever need. 
  • Bags: Aerocart comes with an innovative bag holder attachment that makes filling and moving bags of leaves or grass clippings a breeze.
  • Strap: If you have large potted plants that need to be moved around, use the innovative circular strap attachment that connects to the arms of the extended dolly. 
  • Mesh: Other heavy items, such as large rocks or small boulders, can be moved using the mesh webbing attachment that connects to the arms of the extended dolly. 

Your Worx Aerocart comes with everything needed for all the functions listed above. 

And we didn’t even stop there. We’ve also developed accessories to get even more functionalities from your Aerocart.

Three Great Aerocart Accessories

Thought you couldn’t possibly get more out of the fantastic multi-function Aerocart? Worx offers additional accessories that do precisely that. 

  • Wide Canvas Strap: This sturdy, handy accessory lets you make short work of hauling bulky items that don’t fit perfectly within the wheelbarrow. Moving loads of firewood and other bulky items has never been more manageable with this canvas attachment.
  • Snow Plow: Yes, it’s true! Convert your Aerocart to a snowplow in winter with our wide shovel attachment that features a durable galvanized steel edge for rust prevention.
  • Wagon: This innovative accessory allows you to easily convert your Aerocart from a two-wheel wheelbarrow to a four-wheel wagon for even greater versatility—including loading it up with hay bales. And wagon weight capacity is still 300 pounds.

We love the Aerocart and you’ll love it too. Never settle for less innovative tools designed without long-term use in mind.

Worx: Innovative Tools for Homeowners, Professionals, and DIYers

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