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Worx NITRO Power Tools: Professional Grade Performance

The Worx NITRO lineup of power tools features professional-grade design, power, and performance for getting more done in less time with better results. A home workshop or garage with a collection of Worx NITRO power tools is the mark of a serious worker who wants superior performance at the right price.

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Proven Power: Worx NITRO

When you want to level up your DIY projects to take on more with quality results achieved in record time, Worx NITRO power tools will get you there. Each power tool in the NITRO family represents the advanced engineering, innovative design features, better ergonomics, and higher efficiency Worx is known for, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. 

Design Innovation by Worx

All Worx power tools are born through an intentional design process that aims to create better tools for DIYers. Our design engineers look at a wide range of available power tools, identify all the pain points that bother users, and then solve each one of them with innovative features. What you’ll find in the NITRO lineup includes:

  • Compact, Lightweight Design: NITRO power tools are smaller and weigh less than competing products but offer more power and higher performance. This means you can work longer without fatigue, increase maneuverability in tight spaces, and enjoy easier portability when you’re on the go.
  • Advanced Ergonomic Design: Never underestimate the importance of ergonomic design. The placement of power buttons and safety switches, as well as the shape of a tool’s handle, make a huge difference in user comfort. Advanced ergonomics means more productive work sessions thanks to reduced fatigue. 
  • Greater Visibility: Our tools are designed to give you much-needed workspace visibility for greater precision. Many NITRO power tools feature onboard LED lighting to ensure you can see what you’re doing even in low-light conditions. 

The Brushless Motor for Cordless Power Tools

While conventional brushed electric motors are still common, brushless motors are simply better on every level. They offer big-time advantages such as high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, high efficiency, and low maintenance. 

Brushless motors run 50% longer, are 25% more powerful, and have a 10X longer lifespan. They’re also smaller than brushed motors, which allows NITRO power tools to have a more compact design while still offering higher power and performance.

The Power Share Battery Platform

If your home workshop or garage includes a cluttered mess of multiple batteries and chargers from cordless power tool purchases over the years, then it’s time to discover the money-saving, space-saving convenience of the Power Share battery platform. All Worx tools in the Power Share family use the same batteries and chargers. 

This means fewer overall batteries and chargers, which saves you both money and space. More than 75 different Worx tools are in the Power Share family. All the NITRO 20V power tools will run on any of the Power Share or Power Share Pro 20V batteries. As the amp hours (Ah) increase, so the does the run time you get from every charge.

What’s in the Worx NITRO Cordless Power Tool Lineup?

Use the table below for a quick reference of each power tool in the Worx NITRO Family. All the tools listed here are cordless, use the Power Share battery platform, and feature brushless motors.

Drills & Drivers
  • 20V ½-inch Cordless Drill/Driver (WX102L.9)
  • 20V Switchdriver 2-in-1 Drill & Driver (WX177L.9)
  • 20V 3-Speed Impact Driver (WX261L.9)
  • 20V ½-inch Impact Wrench (WX272L.9)
  • 20V ½-inch Hammer Drill (WX352L.9)
Saws & Grinders
  • 20V Worxsaw 4.5-inch Compact Circular Saw (WX531L.9)
  • 20V 7.25-inch Circular Saw (WX520L.9)
  • 20V Reciprocating Saw (WX516L.9)
  • 20V Jigsaw (WX542L.9)
  • 20V 4½-inch Angle Grinder (WX812L.9)
Nail & Staple Guns
  • 20V 18-gauge Nail and Staple Gun (WX840L.9)
  • 20V 3/8-inch Crown Stapler, Air Impact Tech (WX843L.9)
More Power Tools
  • 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool (WX697L.9)
  • 20V Paint Sprayer (WX020L.9)
  • 20V 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum (WX031L.9)
  • 20V 25-foot Drain Auger (WX891L.9)
  • 20V 9-inch Work Fan (WX095L.9)

Worx: Better Tools for Getting the Job Done in Record Time

There are many brands of professional power tools to choose from on the market today. Worx power tools can go head-to-head with any brand and won’t make as big a dent in your wallet. When it’s time for workers, professionals, and DIYers across the US to level up their projects, Worx has the lawn and garden tools, power tools, and crafting tools to make it happen.

You can shop for Worx brand tools at a variety of home improvement and hardware stores, but nothing beats the convenience of shopping for power tools right here on the Worx website. Select each item you want, buy them with a safe and secure checkout process, and enjoy fast home delivery to your doorstep. 

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Do it Yourself. Do it Better. Do it with Worx.