Back to School Wooden Pencil Holder


Step-by-Step Instructions

Tool Tip

Before airbrushing, test and practice on a scrap piece paper.


1. Start with a rectangular piece of wood about 12’’ long. Mark off a point on one end of the piece. Use the angle grinder to sand down the wood to a point. Continue to use the angle grinder to sand down the edges of the wood to give the whole pencil a nice rounded look. Tip: If the wood is too dense to sand through, cut the wood to a point using the Powershare Cordless Jigsaw.

2. Mark the top of the pencil every two inches. Use the Switch Driver and a spade drill to drill each marked spot. 

3. Use acrylic paint and a paintbrush to paint the features of the pencil. Tip: Use painters tape to help get clean lines.

4. Use a pre-made adhesive stencil or cut out a stencil using a cutting machine. Place the stencil centered on the pencil and use the airbrush to fill it in. Tip: Make sure the base paint on the pencil is completely dry before adding the stencil, if it’s not fully dry the adhesive will peel off paint.

5. Add school supplies into the top holes and get studious!