Fairy Lantern Party Favor Project

  • MAKERX Hot Glue Gun (WX746L.9)
  • 12 oz. Mason Jar
  • LED Mini Fairy Lights
  • Laser CutFairy Silhouettes
  • Assorted Greenery or Silk Flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter or Confetti
  • Stickers
  • Tacky Glue or Glue Dots

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Start by gathering all of the mason jars and fairy lights.

2. Since we were using this as a craft for my daughter’s Fairy-themed birthday party, I prepped all the jars in advance by using the MAKERX Hot Glue Gun to attach the fairy lights’ battery packs to the inside of the jar lids.

3. I also wanted to create a completed Fairy Lantern for the girls to use as a guide during the party so I added some greenery to the base of my jar.

4. Next, using the glue gun, I attached a fairy silhouette to a paper flower and carefully placed her into the jar.

5. Once the fairy was safely inside, I unraveled the fairy lights and carefully placed them around the fairy inside. Then, I added some ribbon to the lid for a little pop of color.

6. PARTY TIME! I rolled out some craft paper and added some raw cut fabric on each side for our crafting area. Each place setting had a pre-prepped jar and all the trimmings were placed throughout the center of the workspace. I gave some brief instructions and showed the completed Lantern as an example and they went to town.

7. I posted up at one end of the deck with the glue gun and helped with anything that needed hot glue.

8. The creativity just BLOOMED! I loved seeing the unique ways that each girl decorated their favor. It was a great activity with easy clean up and something special that they made themselves to take home. Overall, it was a HUGE success and I’ve heard from many Moms that the girls are using their lanterns as a nightlight every night!