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Cordless Leaf Blowers

Cordless Leaf Blowers

When the leaves from your trees (or the trees of nearby neighbors) end up in all the wrong places on your property, the long-lasting battery power and lightweight maneuverability of a Worx cordless leaf blower makes clearing them out a breeze.

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Cut out the Cord and Go for the Battery

If you only needed to clear leaves and debris from areas of your home that are close to an outlet, like your front porch or garage, an electric leaf blower with a cord might be exactly what you need. But when you need greater flexibility to reach the furthest corners of your property without dragging around an extension cord, Worx is here to help. Our lineup of cordless leaf blowers have the power and the portability to get the job done in half the time.

Blow ‘Em Away with Worx

Fall is a lovely time of year when the leaves change from green to reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. It’s a beautiful sight, right up until all those leaves drop off the trees. Then you have to figure out what to do with them. Raking and sweeping to remove leaves from your sidewalk, deck, patio and driveway is such a pain. But a Worx leaf blower makes quick work of removing those leaves from all the areas where you don’t want them.

Gas-powered leaf blowers are messy, get harder to start over time, require regular engine maintenance, and pollute the environment with the emissions that come from a combustion engine. Going electric or battery-powered makes more sense – and using tools from the Power Share family puts you a step ahead of everyone else, giving you the ability to share batteries between garden, lifestyle, and power tools.

A Worx battery-powered, cordless leaf blower requires zero extension cords and doesn’t depend on an outdoor electrical outlet while you’re working. You’ll get big-time leaf blowing power to do the job right in half the time, with a battery that can be shared with every tool in the Worx Power Share family.

Workhorse Performance with a Worx Cordless Leaf Blower

Our cordless leaf blowers have a variety of innovative features you will love, including the following:

  • Brushless Motor: Conventional brushed electric motors are still common, but brushless motors are the way to go these days. They offer big-time advantages such as high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, high efficiency, and low maintenance. Worx leaf blower models such as the WG585 Leaf Jet feature a brushless motor that runs 50% longer, is 25% more powerful, and has a 10% longer life than cordless leaf blowers with brushed motors.
  • High Air Speed/Volume: The Worx lineup of cordless leaf blowers delivers air speeds ranging from 55 MPH all the way up to 130 MPH depending on the model. Two different air speed settings give you what you need for each job. You can use the lower setting for simple tasks such as clearing leaves off your deck or porch or blowing grass clippings off the driveway. But if you’re dealing with a thick layer of wet leaves all over the yard, you’ll want to select the higher setting for the extra blowing power you need. Air volume can range from 80 CFM up to 620 CFM, again depending on the model. Regardless of your specific needs, there is a cordless leaf blower for the job.
  • Lightweight/Compact: Our lightest model, Worx AIR (WG545.1) weighs only 3.8 pounds, and the heaviest is only 6.6 pounds. It makes a big difference when you can get the job done without having to do any heavy lifting. Our Worx engineers design every cordless leaf blower with the user in mind, giving you lightweight maneuverability without sacrificing power and performance.

With several different models of leaf blowers, Worx has one that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you need to clear leaves from a deck, patio, driveway, or from your entire property, Worx has you covered. Information is power, which is why the product page for each model of cordless leaf blower has all the performance details and technical specifications you want to know about, including a downloadable PDF owner’s manual for your convenience.

Same Battery, Expandable Power

If you’ve purchased cordless lawn and garden tools from other brands, you may have several different battery voltages and chargers. The innovative solution at Worx was to create Power Share. An entire battery platform that can be used across nearly every Worx tool. The same Worx 20V battery can be shared across all 20V and 40V garden, lifestyle, and power tools.


While we have several different 20V battery amp hours and models, if the Worx tool you buy is labeled as part of the Power Share family, any 20V Power Share battery will work with that tool. Because the battery can be used across every tool in the platform, you don’t need different batteries for different tools. You can even purchase tool only versions of most Power Share tools if you already own 20V Power Share batteries. Worx fans love this money-saving innovation. Here is our lineup of Power Share batteries:

  • 20V Power Share 2.0Ah Battery: Lithium technology makes for quick charging without waning or draining. Max Lithium batteries are lighter, more efficient, and charge with no memory effect. Includes indicator system for quick battery life review. Compact and lightweight to reduce fatigue while working.
  • 20V Power Share 4.0Ah Battery: Delivers up to twice the runtime of standard 2.0Ah batteries. Delivers professional-grade, gas-like power with none of the emissions. Efficient Max Lithium technology charges quickly and holds a charge longer.
  • 20V Power Share 6.0Ah Max Lithium Battery: Delivers up to triple the runtime of standard 2.0Ah batteries. Gas-like power without the emissions. Max Lithium technology charges quicker and holds a charge longer.
  • 20V Power Share PRO 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion High-Capacity Battery: Power Share PRO intelligent batteries deliver extended run times, plus heat and impact protection. Intelligent Battery Management System optimizes individual Li-Ion cells, enhancing power, performance, and run time. Thermoplastic material keeps cells cooler, longer, providing extended run time. 360° cell protection provides increased security against vibration and impact. Charge-level indicator clearly shows charge status.
  • 20V Power Share PRO 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion High-Capacity Battery: Extended run times along with heat and impact protection. Enhanced power, performance, and run time with intelligent Battery Management System that optimizes individual Li-Ion cells. Cell-cooling technology further enhances run time. 360° cell protection against vibration and impact. Charge-level indicator quickly reveals charge status.

With long-lasting power from batteries like these, you can do it all with the same battery, using it with any Worx tool that’s part of the Power Share platform.

How to Buy Worx Cordless Leaf Blowers

The easiest way to get the Worx lawn and garden tools you want, including our cordless leaf blowers, is to find what you want right here on our website and place your order for home delivery. You can be the first to find out about the latest money-saving offers and special deals by signing up for our SMS text updates. Just text VIP to 28266 and enjoy the savings! If you prefer email, scroll down to sign up for the Worx Newsletter by entering your email address in the subscription box.

With great deals on even greater tools, there’s no time like the present to go cordless with a Worx battery-powered leaf blower. While you’re here, check out all the Worx Power Share lawn and garden tools. We’re sure you will find a tool for any task you need to accomplish around your home. You can count on Worx for your next string trimmer, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, lawn mower, leaf blower, wheelbarrow, power cleaner, and so much more.


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